Are Breathalyzer in My Car Real Important

Are Breathalyzer in My Car Real Important

What is car breathalyzer? Car breathalyzer also known as ignition interlock devices are installed in the ignition system of vehicles in order to prevent from driving the car while intoxicated. This device proved to be very helpful in lowering the number of accident cases.

Car Breathlyzer

  • How Does It Work?

To test Breath Alcohol Concentration (BrAC), the driver is required to blow in the mouthpiece of the breathalyzer. If your level of BrAC exceeds the specified alcohol point, the interlock system prevents your car to start temporarily. The car will not start until a clear breath is provided by the driver. If any attempt is made by the driver having higher BrAC level then an alarm will be started and will continue until the ignition of the vehicle is turned off.

  • Merits of Car Breathalyzer

Car breathalyzers have lots of benefits; few of them are listed below:

  • Faster Technique

This device works very efficiently and takes up to 10 seconds to perform Ignition Interlock Device test. Living with this technology can take less time than setting side mirrors and buckling up.

  • An Effective Technique

Car breathalyzer facilitates its user to develop a progressive report for drivers in order to help them in repeating the same mistake. With this device, you can also be able to get your driving license back.

  • Compact Size

Car breathalyzers are designed to be very compact and less noticeable to other passengers. These devices are compact enough to be installed on motorcycles.

  • Rolling Retests

When your vehicle is moving you are required to blow in the mouthpiece of breathalyzer that’s called rolling retest. If you fail in the rolling retest then an alarm will start and continue to sound until the engine is turned off. You have to pass the rolling test and breathe again in order to get started again.

  • Maintenance of the Device

This device requires maintenance on daily basis. The first service will be offered to the customer right after the first month of installation the car breathalyzer. New data will be downloaded for the authority of government system that issued you the device moreover the device is checked with several tests in order to make sure that it’s working properly. This whole process of maintenance takes around 10 to 15 minutes to complete. If the service date is missed then your car will be automatically locked out after seven days and you won’t be able to drive anymore. That is why users of car breathalyzer are required to follow the schedule of maintenance in order to prevent any problems and additional costs in the future. However, 24/7 customer services are also available for users in case of any queries.

Precautionary Measures

There are few precautionary measures that we need to focus on while installing a breathalyzer in our car.

Keep It Away From Food

It is very important to remember to keep this device away from food and other alcohol contents. Even if your mouthwash has some level of alcohol then you are likely to fail a breath test. Avoid performing breath test after 15 minutes of having any food, beverages, tobacco, and other alcohol product.

The temperature of your breath.

The breathalyzer is often bound to work at 24-degree Celsius. However, people often come closer to 35.5 centigrade while using it that can increase the count from 10% to 20%. So, please make sure to test in under proper temperature.

  • Start Safer Life

Once you get used to car breathalyzer device you will analyze its importance. This device helps to prevent repeated offenses by 40% compared to the drivers who never installed car breathalyzers in their vehicles. It is wise to be a part of the percentage that prefers car breathalyzer in their vehicles and brings a positive change towards a healthy lifestyle.


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