Buying the Right Audio System for Your Car

Buying the Right Audio System for Your Car

Luckily, buying the right audio system for your car doesn’t require any equation form your organic chemistry classes or a complexly derived formula from your physics lessons. Car audio system is the boost of energy that everyone needs when driving. A car without an audio system is merely a zombie – yes, the car is functional but soulless. If you are someone very new to the audio systems and the installing of a wicked audio system is novel to you then you have come to the right place. Here is a guide to give you a perfect picture for buying the right audio system for your car!

What to begin from? 

Begin by deciding the kind of sound system you want. Before you start your quest to buy the right audio system for your car make sure you understand what type of system you want. If you blankly enter a stereo shop and expect them to make you understand then you are wrong. You should be clear about what you want. There are car enthusiasts who know everything about the car from ABC to complicated structures and even they are confused when it comes to buying specific parts.

Now what? 

Once you have a good picture in mind about what you are aiming to buy decide your budget. Everybody wants the best of the best for their cars. Everybody likes blaring speakers with perfect bass and sound quality but an important question is how much does your pocket allow you? It’s okay to take one step at a time. This way you can install one part in minimal budget. You will experience the step by step improvement in the sound quality. By the time you reach the last step, you will know the difference each part makes.

Time to pick speakers! 

This is the only component of your car’s audio system that everybody, even a grandmother, knows about. Before you buy them to make sure you know what to look in speakers. Impendence, RMS sensitivity, build materials, power handling and frequency range are the core values of speakers. You will see many brands flashing amazing discounts and packages for their speakers but don’t fall in their trap. In the name of cheap, they are most likely to sell sub-standard speakers. Since there are endless models of speakers available it becomes difficult to figure out which one does your car need. 6.5-inch speakers are mounted on rear deck speakers whereas the 6×9 inch speakers are for the front car doors.

Pick core of the audio system – The Receiver

Call it head unit or receiver it is the most significant component of the car’s audio system. When you will go out in the market you will be demonstrated various models of head unit. They come with different names such as digital media receivers, single din head units and double din head units and thus different functional properties. A head unit usually has some additional functional features including the Bluetooth compatibility, HD Radio and Pandora Internet radio, MIXTRAX, AUX, preamp outputs, satellite radio availability, steering wheel control compatibility, customizable display and USB input remote control etc. The look of head unit also enhances the overall appearance of your car’s interior. Usually, head units are available with a flashy dashboard that features exclusive touch screen display. 

Amplifiers – Amplify the buzz!

Speakers are to provide a sane sound quality that enters your heart through your years (serious disagreement from basic biology here). So what do amplifiers do? Amplifiers make sure the head unit works properly. Mostly, the receiver or head unit is not strong enough to pump the energy from your favorite songs. The job is switched to amplifiers. The most widely trusted amplifiers are the five channels amps. These amplifiers are reliable in driving the entire audio system of your car including the subwoofers (explained next). Out of five channels, four channels work to power the front and rear speakers while the fifth channel powers external woofer. In market, don’t get confused with the dazzling designs and shapes of the amplifiers. Stick to your choice. 

Why miss the bass? Pick a sub-woofer.

A subwoofer provides you with the adrenaline rush that runs throughout the ride. When buying sub-woofers make sure you understand their values. Never compromise on RMS power handling, type, rating, load, frequency range, size, sensitivity and impedance. With high bass and crystal clear sound quality the audio system gives you the real essence of playing music. The five-channel amplifier would give power to your sub-woofers. 


Speakers, check.

Receiver, check.

Amplifiers, check.

Sub-woofer, check.

Your car audio system is ready to accompany you in the upcoming journeys! As mentioned in the beginning, make sure you know which car audio system you have to aim for. Decide your budget and then move on to buying audio system which fits well for the makeup of your car.


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  • Russell Mortensen
    October 28, 2020, 8:12 pm REPLY

    It’s a great point that you need to budget first so that you can figure out how much money you can put into the speakers. My brother just got a new car that he wants to put new accessories into. He needs to find a local auto accessory shop so he can figure out what systems work best for his budget and needs.

  • Taylor Hicken
    November 5, 2020, 5:23 am REPLY

    You made a good point when you mentioned doing some research before choosing the best speaker for your car’s audio system. My uncle just got himself his dream car that he has been wanting to own last month and he is planning to replace the speaker set so he can have a better driving experience while listening to his favorite songs. I will suggest him to find the right stereo that suits best on his new car.

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