Correct Tire Pressure for Different Autos

Correct Tire Pressure for Different Autos


It is extremely dangerous if you do not know why the correct pressure in the car tires is essential. It can result in an explosion risking your own life. When we talk about the correct tire pressure, there are a lot of questions that come to our minds. What is the correct tire pressure for my car? How should I check the tire pressure in my car? Answers to these questions are included in this blog to guide you properly.

If you observe the lowering of gas mileage or slow movement of car tires on the road, there must be an inflation issue. A proper tire pressure gets you better gas mileage and helps to keep tires working for a long time. Any problem with it can create inconvenience in the handling of your car.

What is the suitable level of car tire pressure?

The appropriate level of pressure to inflate car tires depends on the size of the car you are driving. Other factors that affect it are the driving speed and the type of land. At appropriate conditions, the pressure level is as follows:

  • For small cars, it should be between 25 to 32 PSI.
  • For medium cars, it must be between 30 to 35 PSI.
  • For heavy vehicles, 38 to 40 PSI is appropriate.

These are some approximate pressures. The recommended tire pressure depends on the type of vehicle you are driving.

How can I find the recommended pressure of my car tires?

The manufacturer recommends the right pressure for car tires after many trials. Tires must be inflated accordingly to get the maximum efficiency. Here, how can you find the recommended pressure for your car tires? There are a lot of ways to find it.

Most new model cars have a sticker inside the driver’s door. The suitable pressure is imprinted on it. If your car does not have that sticker, we can find an answer to this query in the owner’s manual. If you have lost the manual too, consult the car dealers or people driving the same car model.

Here is a mistake many people make that result in chaos. They try to inflate the car tires according to the pressure imprinted on the car tires. You must know that the pressure written on the tire is its maximum capacity, not the suitable pressure. Overinflation causes the mishandling and wearing of the tires.

How to check the car tire pressure?

Once you know the recommended pressure for your car, you must maintain it. You must check the tire pressure at least twice a month. For this purpose, you can go to any gas station or do it yourself at home. All you need to do is the tire pressure gauge and air compressor.

Always check the tire pressure after giving your car approximately one night’s rest after the last drive. When your car moves on the road, there is a lot of friction between the tires and the road. Friction increases the temperature as well as the pressure of car tires.

Here are some of the simplest steps you should follow.

  1. Press the tire pressure gauge in the valve stem for a proper connection to check the pressure
  2. Not the pressure reading that appears on the gauge in Pound per square inch (PSI)
  3. Compare the reading with the recommended car tire pressure according to your vehicle.
  4. If there is low pressure, use an air compressor to inflate it to a suitable level.
  5. Check the pressure again to ensure that the pressure is correct for your car.
  6. You can put some extra air in the tire as you can let it out with the pressure gauge.

Safety concerns with incorrect car tires inflation

Incorrect inflation of car tires can increase the risk of road accidents. The safety concerns are faced in two cases.

  • Low tire pressure
  • Excessive tire pressure

There is a huge risk of exploding car tires in this first case. The major issue is that heavy vehicles like trucks are more prone to such accidents. In the second case, the link between tires and the road weakens. Less adhesion between both can be dangerous on rainy days or slippery roads. You can avoid these conditions by filling your car with the correct tire pressure.

Moreover, gas mileage is also reduced with improper inflation. According to the experts, only with a decrease of 2 to 3 PSI pressure, the fuel consumption increases up to 15%. More fuel consumption is a burden to your pocket and can be avoided easily using the above method to fill the right pressure in your car. You must be aware of these safety concerns to protect yourself and others on the road.


All the above discussion shows why the proper maintenance of the car is necessary. It would be best if you inflated the car tires according to the pressure recommended by the manufacturer. It is for your safety. If you observe any mishandling or unusual behavior of your car, do not try to overlook the issue. Keep checking the tire condition and pressure regularly for a safe drive or visit a nearby shop.


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