How Often Should I Get an Oil Change

How Often Should I Get an Oil Change

Is it that time yet again where you will need to get your engine oil changed? Or are you wondering about your new car when you will have to get an oil change?

Often you will hear people complaining about one of the hassles of owning a car is getting an oil change in time and maintaining a schedule for this purpose. The questions that might arise in your mind are how you will know when it is time to go through this process, how can you get an oil change, what will happen if the oil is not changed, etc.

Is There A Need to Change the Oil?

It might be a news flash for you that the oil that is discarded from your vehicle during the oil change goes for recycling to be used again. So why change the oil in the first place? The simple response to this query is that the oil becomes contaminated, and the efficiency decreases as the oil is used and circulated in the engine. 

You will know the difference when you see new engine oil direct from the packaging and the used oil from your car. The used oil will show traces of burnt fuel and darken the engine oil. An oil filter does the job of filtering the contamination from the oil, but the capacity is limited, and therefore a need arises to change the oil.

Is It Time to Get an Oil Change?

It is unwise to make assumptions and act on non-expert advice on when to get an oil change. The first and foremost action that you might take is to check the user’s or owner’s manual, which will give you hints on when to change the oil and other technical details related to the engine.

A local mechanic might make a profit out of your lack of knowledge and guide you to have an oil change before time. The fact is the engine oils have evolved over the years and are designed to prolong the life of the engines according to the automaker requirements. 

The mechanic might suggest that the 3000 miles (4828 kilometers) or three months period is a valid rule for getting an oil change. However, the latest advancements in the engine oil industry have revolutionized to the extent that this rule has been deemed obsolete. 

Now you can easily find engine oils that run for 7,500 miles or even 10,000 miles. The period has also been increased to 6 or 12 months, providing you a lesser cost in an extended time period.

It would be best if you kept an eye on the oil levels in your engine. You might ask how to do that…it is simple, pop up your hood and observe there is small rubber knob-like outing near the engine. This is the rubber end of the dipstick used to check the oil levels and let you know if there is a need for an oil change. The oil levels should be checked once a month to keep a constant check on the oil.

What Will Happen If the Oil Is Not Changed in Time?

Let’s say you don’t get an oil change for an extended time, and you keep using your car frequently. There will be some signs that will let you know that your actions and behavior are wrong. 

Firstly, the car starts making weird noises, and it starts malfunctioning. This is due to the eventual rise in iron and silicon in the engine oil, which damages the engine. 

Secondly, the resistance to fire and the temperature (Flash and fire point) at which your car might burst into flames will decrease. 

Thirdly, the warranty on your car might become un-claimable due to your negligence.

Which Oil Is Best for Your Vehicle?

The best thing you can do is to note the mileage during the oil change and be on a lookout for the next milestone mileage on which an oil change is needed. Your owner’s manual will guide you as to what type of oil is suitable for your vehicle.

Apart from the engine oils that give more mileage and more time in consecutive oil changes, oil in your engine might be conventional or synthetic. Conventional oil will cost you much less than the synthetic and is typically used in new cars that have powerful engines. 

Due to the reason that conventional oils have decreased efficiency and resistance to impurities, synthetic oils are used often. Synthetic oils are superior, durable and more effective in terms of savings in the long run.


It is best to let a take care of these things timely. If you review all these factors, your car will run smoothly and you will enjoy driving.


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