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It is true that everyone likes to listen to music while traveling. You love the little entertainment you get amidst your occupied schedule. In that case, your car audio system must be vital to you.
Our exuberant Car Audio System installation lets you hear music of your choice while you are driving. However, each car audio system differs, and so you must know what works best for your car type. The first thing that you need to look into that you decide a top notch Audio System with best quality to be installed in your car. At Katy Car Audio, we realize that you don’t want to get an audio system that appears great and looks good with your car but holds poor sound quality. You might feel that all car audio systems are of same quality and produce a sound which is quite alike, but that’s not true. There are ranges of sound system varying from poor to acceptable, goo to very best. And we do deal with the best only. Our services will ensure only the very best quality audio systems that you want.
We only use the topmost audio systems brands for installation.
We only use the topmost audio systems brands for installation.

What We Offer

If you’d like the best in mobile entertainment, the media, or perhaps want to show videos to the youngsters, this is actually the place. We are able to do anything from 5″ to 20+ inches screens! We are able to install nearly every mobile media settings as an add-on with keeping the manufacturer system or entirely replacing that with a new one. Add-ons we offer include the headrests, visors, consoles, in-dash, and almost somewhere else imaginable.
We are able even to install video gaming systems. You just tell us what you want and Katy Car Audio will deliver.

We Provide Full Car Audio System Protection

You get in your car in the morning and drag your hand to turn on your favorite number, bang you find no audio system, damn!! It’s gone.

Now that is really a hard part that the audio system you took a week to decide for your vehicle by looking at several types and qualities, has been stolen. But you can avoid this awful situation in future if you get Katy Car Audio’s automobile audio system protection. With all the revolutionizing technological breakthroughs of the automobile audio systems, the present day automobiles own highly complex and costly audio systems. Plus they surely need great safeguard from being taken away by thieves.

Katy Car Audio will install an alarm system that will appear when someone makes an attempt to break in, move, tilt, or start your automobile. All you need to do is activate the machine when leaving your car.

You could be rest assured that we hold the most competent installers which means that your car will be done right, Assured! Call us today or drop by so that we help you with your entire Mobile Gadgets needs!

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