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Window Tinting service at Katy kar audio Houston


When the sun shines bright in Houston, it’s time to pull out the shades, whether they’re for you personally, your home or your vehicle.


With the average American driver spending more than 17,600 minutes behind the wheel every year, it’s safe to say Houstonians spend a lot of time in their cars. How they make this time comfortable for themselves depends a lot on the vehicle they’re driving and how warm or cool it keeps them.


Tinted windows have a big role in keeping the interior of a car cool during the warmer months, when the temperature, the bright sun and the humidity all combine.


Tinted windows keep the harsh glare of the sun out and help cool it faster when the air conditioning is on. Some tint films can block up to 65% of heat that builds up in a car.


Keeping the bright light out of the vehicle means the interior is protected, preventing discoloration and cracking of leather and warping of vinyl accessories.


Tinted windows also offer a degree of privacy to the occupants and block UV rays. When the right tint film is applied, it blocks out 99% of the harmful UV rays, making it a smarter option in today’s environment.


The tint film applied on a car’s windows act as barriers in case the glass shatters, preventing the shards from flying about, possibly harming the occupants of the vehicle or others nearby.


Window tinting in Houston is a good idea and we at Katy Car Audio are experts in applying the tint films on all sorts of vehicles. Our team is familiar with local laws regarding window tints and ensures that the tint applied is road legal.

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