What Are Different Types of Car Alarms

What Are Different Types of Car Alarms

No question cars come at a price, and so did yours. Other than the proper maintenance, such valuable investment also requires adequate protection. Or, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the greatest maintenance you can give to your car is the defense against robbery.

While cars come with built-in locks in the doors, today’s thieves also know how to pick locks. Even the factory car alarms often do not provide enough security because of multiple factors crashing them. On top of that, some poor-quality alarms are quite simple to be tricked. Not only has it made your vehicle unsafe, but also prone to theft.

Therefore, to keep yourself and your car on a safe side, investing in an aftermarket car security is always a brilliant idea, not to forget your belongings in the car! This guide gives you a thorough insight into the types of car alarms as well as how to pick the right one. Let’s dive in!

How Does A Typical Car Alarm Work?

A typical car alarm comes with a remote with various buttons on it. This gives you the facility to control your car even if you are outside of it. When you push the button to activate the alarm, the doors get locked and a siren ensures the safety of your car. In case if any door is not closed properly, the security system uses a different type of sound to warn you. Now let’s talk about what will happen if a thief tries to interact with your locked car. Even before he attempts anything, the flashing LED will be enough to notify him. However, if he still thinks he’s smart enough to mess with the doors, the car alarm will surprise him with a noisy siren audible enough for other people to listen at a maximum distance. Modern-day alarms are even capable of sensing the severity of involvement and give warnings sound according to that.

Types Of Car Alarms

Surely, there are different types of car alarms and at times it can be confusing to decide the right one for your vehicle, however, it is not a highly complex task as most car owners fear. Here are some of the basic car alarm types.

  • Active: As the name suggests, the most common type of car alarms gets enabled or disabled with just a button. The door sensors are very strong in this one and the alarm sounds as soon as the thief tries to open to lock.
  • Passive: This car alarm is made for those who want something simple and quick. Unlike active car alarms, passives ones do not need a special button to push to activate the security. All they require is the engine to shut off and doors to lock. However, one important thing about passive alarms is that they won’t be deactivated unless you unlock the doors.
  • Audible

Another name for audible car alarms is “attention-grabbing alarms”. That’s right because these alarms are well-known for their noisy tones to scare any thief if he attempts to pick the locks. There are different sounds for different lock-breaking attempts, which is another plus point.

  • Silent: When it’s the time to turntables, no one can beat the power of silent alarms. The name implies this car alarm won’t scream if someone messes with the locks. However, on the better side, you will be notified at the same time which gives you the chance to catch the thief red-handed or even call the police for help.
  • Immobilized: This trick never gets old. What if the thief successfully picks the lock but fails to run away with the car? Sounds excellent right? Immobilizing car alarms are made for the same purpose: your car won’t start unless the security system senses the “key” around your car.
  • Two-way car alarms: The difference between a one-way and two-way car alarm is that the former one just sends signals to the car, while the later one can also receive signals. Some of these features include unlocking the doors, opening the trunk, and even sending sensory signals to find the location of your car in the given area.

How To Choose The Right Car Alarm For Your Car?

Now you have all the basic types of car alarms, let’s break down the information!

The first step is to choose between an active or passive car alarms. As stated above, active car alarms require pushing the button while passive doesn’t. Both depend on your taste, i.e. if you would like to do the job yourself or not.

At the second step, you need to decide between an audible or silent alarm. It, again, depends on you. Some people like to hear the horns, while others with a clever mindset like to catch the thief in the act.

Would you like a one-way or two-way car alarm? You can also customize your car alarm and add multiple features such as GPS.

You can also go for immobilized one, for that all you need is just your key. 

See, all set now!


Keeping your car safe isn’t a big deal, only if you know the right gear. Car alarms either active or passive, are a great way to deal with car robberies. And since your car is not just a means of transportation, being one step ahead of thieves is always worthwhile!


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