What Are The Ways To Customize Your Car Interior For Winters?

What Are The Ways To Customize Your Car Interior For Winters?

Hello to Car Lovers, or Car Lovers To-Be! It’s time for Winter Car Care!!

Since you have invested so much in your precious car, you wouldn’t want it to worn-out just within several months. Just like you wear a coat, gloves, and socks to keep yourself warm, in the same way; your car also needs shelter from harsh atmospheric elements.

When it comes to the car interior, i.e. the carpet, seats, car mats, not to forget upholstery, stereo, and dashboard, the customization is extremely important. You mustn’t leave your car on the mercy of salt, rain, snow, and mud which can “kill” the soul of your car.

Also, since the winter feels are cosy, it can be a great time to change the look of your car. All you have to do is to replace old summer stuff with winter precautionary gear and give your car interior an entirely new look!

Ready? Have a look at some of the essential winter car interior customization tips to keep both you and your car interior comfy and safe in stern and rough weather!

Bring Rubber Mats

Why car mats on the top of the list? Because the first thing your muddy shoes will interact as soon as you enter your car is car mats. Without enough care, not only the inside of your car will get dirty, but this will also leave irremovable stains on your mats. Therefore, it is necessary to change them as soon as winter arrives.

Carpet mats are for summer. They are soft, pretty, and lightweight, perfect for warm weather. But at the same time, they are also less-durable, difficult to clean once stained, and highly prone to allergens such as dust and mud. During cold weather, you need something that is highly rigid, easy to clean, and long-lasting. Rubber mats include all these qualities as they are made of hard material, can be easily rinsed with water and are resistant to high temperatures (can be easily cleaned in case hot beverage spilt).

Car Carpet And Accessories

The bad weather should be outside of your car, and not the inside. To make sure of this, you must take care of your car carpet. Why? Because unlike mats, it can’t be taken out and cleaned properly. As a result, all the dirt and debris will be there for a long time not only causing a bad odour in your car but also giving birth to more germs and allergens.

If you want to clean the carpet, make sure you do it on a dry day when the carpet is not wet. Loose dirt and debris can be removed freehand, while a small hose vacuum cleaner will also work great. Although room fresher can be used to cope with bad smell, it is better to build a habit of regular or weekly cleaning for good hygiene. Lastly, don’t forget to disinfect the carpet and let it completely dry before you use the car.

One quick tip to keep your carpet clean is to have another pair of shoes explicitly for your car. This minimizes the chances of entering the car with wet/muddy/snowy shoes which means fewer stains and tidy carpet for longer terms. If possible, you can also invest in a rubber liner which again keeps the floor safe from dripping raincoats and/or hot beverages.

Replace Your Dashboard Luxuries

The dashboard is a handy place to keep anything from keys to the wallet and even food. Most people decorate this place with small, soft toys. Some also like to keep flowers or religious ornaments on it. However, what needs to be understood is that it’s not summer anymore. And if you live in a rainy/snowy place, you should remember that a dashboard can be the best place for germs to grow.

Since the ventilation system sucks air, the chances of dirt and snow particles coming out are highly contagious. Also, as the car moves, the dashboard becomes warmer both from sunlight and engine, thus resulting in a heavenly home for microbes and viruses.

For this reason, we suggest you replace those little soft toys and ornaments with anti-bacterial cleaning wipes, tissue box, and sanitizer as well. A little handy but “closed” trash can is also great to put in your car to discard used wipes and tissues as soon as possible. You should not use a spray to clean as liquid droplets are harmful to the mechanical body of your car.

Invest In Protector Seat Covers

The last step to make you and your car interior fresh and hygienic is to keep a close eye at your seats. Though the material used on car seating is well-absorbent to most of the harsh winter elements including water, you should not compromise on their good condition. Therefore, instead of spending money on rainbow-colored, soft cushions, why not buy seat protector covers to keep them as safe as possible!


Winter is just a season. Though it can be harsh at times, making it difficult to keep up with the work, it’s still possible to shelter your car interior. When the temperature drops, just know that its time to replace soft rainbows with stiff greys.

Hopefully, now you know how to customize your car interior with easy, simple steps. Not to mention the right safety equipment, it is a time to enjoy cozy vibes!


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