What to Check in Your Car Before Going on Long Summer Trips?

What to Check in Your Car Before Going on Long Summer Trips?


Life becomes more and more stressful with our busy and tight working schedules. People love to go to places like beaches and mountains to enjoy nature and solitude in these beautiful places. The trend of road trips is increasing day by day, but it needs some preparation.

Imagine going on a long summer trip and packing every essential but forgetting to check your car. This is a considerable risk and can result in any mishap. Proper maintenance and inspection of your vehicles are necessary before heading on a long road trip. This can save you from any problem and prevents ruining your fun.

What to check in your car before going on an extended summer trip?

Below is the checklist for a safe long summer trip. These preparations will ensure that your car is fit and ready to go.

1.    Check the tyre and its pressure

This is the main element in the checklist. Check for the wearing of the car tyre and the pressure in it. The pressure in the tyre must be according to the guidelines by the manufacturer of your car. You can check it in the manual you got with your car while buying it. Inspect all the tyres properly.

If the tires are in good condition, they will also help you save fuel. The tyre tread depth must be above 1.6mm; otherwise, it can increase the risk of accidents. Alignment and balancing of the tires are other essential factors to consider. Also, have a spare tire and changing tools with you during long journeys.

2.    Check the windscreen

Any damage to the windscreen could be hazardous. When you visit a workshop for car servicing, ask the workers there to closely inspect your vehicle’s windscreen to check for any cracks in the windscreen.

Check if the windscreen wipers are correctly working. Many signs indicate that the windscreen wipers need to be replaced. These include screeching sounds or the abnormal movement of the wipers. Clean them and if nothing improves, replace them.

3.    Check the radiator

After driving for some time, you stop your car and find some green, yellow, or orange fluid under it; there must be the spilling of the cooling liquid. This problem needs to be corrected immediately. In the summer, there can be the problem of the overheating of your car’s engine.

The reason behind it is the radiator or the fluid leakage. The coolant is not circulating correctly. The recurring overheating can cause severe mechanical damage to your car. If you observe the radiator’s abnormal working, it needs to be replaced.

4.    Check the Car battery

Checking the car battery ensures that all the connections in your car are tight and secure. If you are seeing corrosion on the terminal of your car battery, it needs to be removed. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with one cup of water and rub it on the battery terminal with a toothbrush.

You can check the battery using a multimeter, but it is advisable to get the services from a professional so that no point misses. The rotten egg smell that indicates sulfur in the leakage, improper working of the electrical devices in the car, or slow starting indicates a problem with the car battery that needs to be solved.

5.    Check other items

The car brakes are essential for the safety of the driver. If you are feeling vibration or any other difficulty while applying brakes, there is a need to inspect them. The exhaust pipe detachment is another risk factor that can be fixed by mere welding.

Proper and regular checking of fuel, refrigerant, wiper, and other car fluids are necessary. Any carelessness to it can damage the engine and other car systems. Ensure that the seat belts are tight and refined.

6.    Check all the car lights and horns

Car lights and horns are the main factors for the driver’s safety. These things tell the other drivers on the road about your next move and give a signal to them. Always ensure that all the exterior lights of your car are working correctly. Turn signals must be working properly. Turn on all the lights and honk the horn to ensure everything is working correctly.

If any light is not working properly, the other drivers will not be able to understand if you are applying brakes or having a turn as your next move. The result could be terrible accidents risking many lives.

7.    Check the emergency kits

If you are on the road, there is always a risk of getting into an accident. It would be best if you prepared yourself accordingly. Always carry a first aid kit on a road trip. If you are taking any medication regularly, never forget it back home. Keep all your license up-to-date for a smooth journey.

The other vital things in your car survival kit are:

  • Fully charged flashlights, or if it is battery operated, keep some extra batteries.
  • A strong rope or a chain.
  • Power bank and charger wire
  • screwdriver hammer, plier, wrenches of different sizes, and other necessary tools

All these items will help you to get out of many possible troubles on the road.


This checklist will help you ensure everything is right and your car is ready for a long summer trip. Do not miss any of these essential elements, as they can cause a severe accident. Suppose you want to make your journey more enjoyable and safer by installing audio and navigation systems in your car. In that case, Katy Kar Audio will help you with their proper installation.


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