What Type of Audio System Will Be Suitable for My Car?

What Type of Audio System Will Be Suitable for My Car?


Choosing the right audio system for your vehicle is always a hectic job. Many of us are music lovers who want accurate bass and volume to enjoy our favorite music. The market has plenty of aftermarket audio speakers to replace factory systems. However, the main thing is to buy a compatible device for your Car and install it properly to get the best out of your money.

Here at Katy Kar Audio, our professionals are always available to make these complicated processes easier for you. Before buying the appropriate audio system for your Car, let’s discuss different car audio systems so you can choose the one according to your needs and budget.

Types of Car Speaker Systems

1.     Component Speaker System

As the name indicates, the component speaker system consists of different components that you have to install in your vehicle. Although such systems are difficult to install, the sound quality and experience are outstanding. Moreover, you need to get separate crossovers and speakers too to deal with different frequencies to make an ideal audio system for your Car.

Image: Blam S 165.80+ 2-Way 6.5″ Component Speakers System

If you do not have any experience and knowledge, try to hire a professional to install the component system in your Car. However, a slight drawback of these audio systems is that they are expensive. The high price is due to their high-quality building material and sound, which does not sound like a bad deal.

2.    Coaxial Speaker System

These full-range speakers are the market’s most common type of speaker system. Coaxial speaker systems are easy to install as all the audio system components are packed into a single unit, making. There is no need to buy a separate crossover because it has a built-in one.

Image: VSP65 600W Peak (200W RMS) 6.5″ V-Series 2-Way Coaxial Speakers with 2 — NVX

The sound quality is not as good as the component speaker system. In the market, you can get several full-range speaker systems that differ in price and quality to choose the best one according to your budget. In addition, these systems can be of various kinds based on their band configurations.

·       2-Band coaxial system

It consists of a woofer and a tweeter.

·       3-Band coaxial system

It consists of a woofer, a tweeter, and a mid-range speaker.

·       4-Band coaxial system

This system has an additional super-tweeter packed in the unit.

3.    Subwoofers

Subwoofers are smaller in size ranging from 8 to 15 inches. So, you can put them under or behind the car seats or in the trunk. Subwoofers add power and depth to your music by producing low-frequency sounds ranging between 20 to 200 hertz. However, you may need to buy a separate enclosure for the subwoofers to get the best quality sound.

Image: 6-inch Subwoofer Speaker Unit | Fruugo EG

4.    Mid-range speakers

These are just 3.5 to 6.5 inches and mostly fit in the car doors. Mid-range frequencies are reproduced through these speakers that range from 250 to 2000 hertz and produce details and clarity to the systems.

Image: EDGE DB Series 8 inch 350 watts 98dB Pro Audio Midrange Speakers

5.    Tweeters

These are just 0n5 to o.15 inches in size. Tweeters produce high sound frequencies between 2000 to 20000 hertz and give clarity to the voices and instruments in the music. Place it higher in the Car than the other drivers to get the best output.

Image: 2PC Tweeter Silk Film 3Inch Hi-Fi Dome Tweeter Speaker Unit

Features To Consider

If you want to buy new components for your audio system, there are some features to look for to get the right thing for your vehicle.

·       Sensitivity

Sensitivity means the amount of sound a speaker produces depending upon the power supplied. You must get high-sensitivity speakers for low-powered stereos or low-sensitivity speakers for high-powered stereos to get the optimum sound quality.

·       Power Handling

The power handling of a speaker is also an essential factor. You can choose a speaker with power handling between 2 to 50 RMS for a low-powered car audio system. However, if your audio system has an external amplifier with high power, the speaker’s power handling must be increased according to the output of the amplifier.

·       Pivoting Tweeters

These are essential if you place the speakers lower in your Car to get depth in the music and produce better quality and realistic sound. These tweeters are pointed toward the listener for a better experience.

·       External Cross Overs

The woofers and tweeter produce different sound frequencies. The energy goes wasted if they try to reproduce the unwanted frequencies. Therefore, external crossovers in the component speaker system create separation between the frequencies to produce a clean sound from the audio system.

Final Words

Above are the different types of speaker systems. The two main types are component speaker systems and coaxial systems, each with pros and cons. The component speaker system is the preferred option by many customers because of the exceptional sound quality it produces.

If you buy new audio system components, buy the ones that are compatible with your car’s model and fit right into it. Furthermore, a professional can help you to choose the right system according to your budget and Car’s make and model. In Katy, you can visit Katy Kar Audio to buy and install high-quality systems for all kinds of vehicles.


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