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Car Breathalyzer at Katy kar audio Houston


Across America, the legal limit for blood alcohol content is 0.08. Do you know what your blood alcohol concentration is after just one drink? Many studies have shown most people cannot tell just how drunk they really are. It is a good idea to keep a breathalyzer unit in the car at all times and check your BAC even though you may think you’re well under the limit.


Ignition interlock devices are inexpensive, easy to use and proven life saving devices. They can be installed in almost every vehicle out on the roads currently, but the electrical system of the vehicle must meet minimum standards.


The breathalyzer unit comes preset with the legal BAC limit and NHTSA standards and is attached to your vehicle’s dashboard. You have to breathe into it before turning the key in the ignition every time you get behind the wheel. If the unit detects a higher-than-legal BAC, your car doesn’t start. Some units offer re-rolling tests where the driver has to breathe into the unit after certain times and if (s)he doesn’t, or fails the test, the car will sound an alarm until the driver pulls over to the side, turns off the engine and re-tests.


Katy Car Audio stocks some of the most efficient and sensitive breathalyzer units in Houston. Our devices are error free and give you the BAC as it is… above or below the legal limit and help you make a sensible decision about driving accordingly.


Whether you are installing an ignition interlock device voluntarily, to prevent employee liability or are required to do so by the state, our services are discreet, and our team professional.

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