Importance of POI for the Car Navigation System

Importance of POI for the Car Navigation System

POI stands for Point of Interest. A point of interest is a particular point location that is very helpful for anyone. An example is a point on the earth specifying the location of the Space Needle or a position on Mars representing the location of the mountains, Olympus Mons. 

A car GPS point of interest determines the longitude and latitude of the POI that assumes a particular map datum. GPS typically utilizes different icons to represent various categories of POI on the graphic map. 

As a GPS Guide

It is an essential component of the navigation system as it can provide you vehicle service. A maintenance procedure occurs at a specific interval of time to tune up your vehicle after it has travelled a certain distance. 

It will be helpful for you if you are in a distant place for a vacation or a business trip. At this new place, you do not know which place is more fun to worth a visit or which restaurant is worth eating.  

The fantastic feature of POI will help you to find a luxurious hotel and an excellent restaurant and places. It will also help you in finding the best place to shop. So, it is your friend and travel guide when you are on vacation or a business trip. 

Vehicle Tracking and Geo-Fencing 

We can integrate Point of Interests (POI) into a live mapping system through geo-fencing location monitoring or ring-fencing. Technology enables you to include all the areas over an address that will allow the user to report you. 

When a tracked fleet or vehicle enters or leaves the geo-fence, then a notification will be sent to the user through a message or an email. This system can transfer up to 10,000 addresses at a time, giving delivery routes and many other business-related addresses and complete audit trail.  Customers, employees and supplier’s home addresses can be geo-fenced. Therefore, the manger can compute and utilize vehicle routes using relevant information. 

Polythene Point of Interests

Polythene point of interest is another feature that has been included in vehicle tracking. It will permit you to ring-fence off the roads, important delivery routes, and any road that you do not want your vehicle to leave, especially if they are transferring the valuable goods. The user will get a notification stating that the vehicle has gone off the route. 

POI Alert Report

Point of Interest Alert Report is required because sometimes the journey summary is not enough to locate your vehicle. So, you need to identify when the vehicle has visited the specific location, and perfect location stamps are essential to run a business. There are following business in which POI alert reports are necessary

•    Bus/ Coach Companies – ring-fence off all the bus stops drop off department to locate whether the vehicles are coming and leaving on time. The report will have the time zones at which buses entered or exited.

•    Delivery Companies – if you deliver the products, then you can keep a check on the tracking system whether all the deliveries have been made on time. You can also resolve customer disputes using the POI alert report.

•    Lone Workers – you will know at which time the workers have arrived or departed through the POI alert report. 

How to Set Up A POI 

1.    Right-click on the map where you want the POI

2.    Choose ‘Add POI (here)’

3.    Name your POI with the site, i.e., ‘Home.’

4.    Confirm that category is set to ‘Sites.’ 

5.    Click the “Save “button.

Some older versions of the application may not have automatic POI set up. If you add a POI but don’t see it on the app, then you have to install it. 

The Delivery Points Add on The Map

Point of Interests is a very convenient place on the map. Some examples are warehouses, distribution centers, delivery points, bus stops, student drop off/pick up locations, service centers, or labor camps. You can locate all your business points/landmarks as Points of Interest. You can even set alerts so that you will get a notification whenever a vehicle enters or leaves a point. 

•    Upload all the POI at once.

•    Add a new POI using long values.

•    Add the vehicle’s current location as POI on mobile devices.

Add stop points as POI’s

It can be a little challenging to find the exact delivery points and identify them as POI on the map. The vehicle tracking system automatically processes data and recommends POI based on the stop points that your vehicle made. 

•    Delivery point or POI is color coded so that you can identify them quickly (red for home, green for school).

•    Specify broader buffer range for POIs 


Eventually, POI in car navigation is far beyond the straightforward guidance and route planning. Its innovative technology features are beneficial. The introduction of POI maps changes the whole concept of navigation and improving its guidance.  


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