5 Advantages of Alcohol Interlock Devices

5 Advantages of Alcohol Interlock Devices

Alcohol interlock devices are automatic monitoring systems that require the driver to blow into an in-car breathalyzer before it starts the ignition to avoid the driver to drive under the influence of alcohol. The alcohol interlock may be programmed to a variety of levels and restrictions.

These devices have many applications that prevent drivers from drinking excessively. These devices help in maintaining a certain level of soberness that will eventually save them and many more from any harmful accidents. In this way, many lives of innocent people are saved worldwide.

Who should use Alcohol Interlock Devices?

These devices have been frequently utilized in rehabilitation programs for repeat offenders of driving with a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit in North America and Sweden. 

In Sweden, they are also utilized in government and corporate fleet vehicles. Trials have been conducted in several countries, including the United States, Australia, Canada, Belgium, and Sweden.

The use of alcohol interlock devices has seen a massive reduction in alcohol intake in drivers in the sIID countries over time.

Large scale quantitative study on alcohol ignition interlocks in operation has revealed that alcohol interlock devices are 40 to 95 percent more successful than standard measures such as license suspension or fines in preventing drunken driving recidivism. 

According to a research study (UK Department for Transport, 2004), the alcohol interlock reduces recidivism by around 28 to 65 percent compared to control groups that do not use the alcohol interlock devices.

According to an EU research, alcohol interlock devices must be installed permanently as recidivism increases once the lock is removed.

Alcohol interlock devices undoubtedly serve an essential part in recovery programs.

There has been no assessment of alcohol interlock devices influence in commercial transportation on road safety; however, Swedish firms indicate that installing alcohol interlocks stopped fleet drivers from drinking excessively.


Benefits of Alcohol Interlock Devices

We are going to share five of the essential advantages of alcohol interlock devices. They are:

  1. Offers loved one’s peace of mind

If you have a family, you understand how vital it is to be at ease with the behavior of a loved one. 

For example, if you have a 21-year-old prone to make poor judgments, and drive after drinking.  Having an IID put this device in his automobile ensures that it will not be deadly even if he drinks because this device won’t allow him to drive in his drunk stupor.

  1. Affordable

Ignition interlock devices are often inexpensive and may be renewed even after the required time of usage has passed.

  1. Brings Benefits for Business

Every company has a reputation to uphold. Suppose your workers are engaged in drunk-driving accidents while working for your company. In that case, the consequences can be disastrous for your firm’s brand and confidence. 

Employees and assets must be safeguarded in addition to a company’s reputation. Using an interlock device is a proven method to ensure that your organization does not face such problems. 

In addition, utilizing an interlock device can assist in lower insurance costs. 

  1. Saves Lives

There are many regrets after a drunk-driving disaster. The person is left wondering what might have been done to avoid the accident. 

They would only wonder what could have been if an interlock device had been used. At the very least, it’s a better situation. 

It gives the user a sense of relaxation as they already know they are under a certain amount of soberness. There will be no case in this situation if pulled over by the police.

  1. Shows Commitment

Using an IID device can also demonstrate to your loved one and the police that you are ready to make a concerted effort and a commitment to avoid driving while intoxicated in the future. A DUI is a terrible error, but you may set your loved ones’ minds at ease by having it installed and following your state’s IID rules. 

This might help you regain the respect and trust that a DUI can cost you or have already cost.


Alcohol interlock devices are a great source of giving you a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind. You know when to drive and when not. It has the simplest of operations. Bunch of applications in daily life and gives a sense of security to loved ones. It also shows authorities that this individual is a law-abiding citizen and is trying to respect the various laws comprehensively.


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