5 Common Myths About Car Stereo Systems You Should Not Ignore

5 Common Myths About Car Stereo Systems You Should Not Ignore

5 Common Myths About Car Stereo Systems You Should Not Ignore

Are you planning to install a new audio system in your vehicle? Having a fully functional stereo that produces excellent quality music is essential, especially if you like listening to songs while driving. There are a few factors one should always consider before installing a new car audio system. 

These include a person’s budget, knowledge about car stereo, and the availability of various types/models of audio systems. A lot of people prefer to let a professional carry out the process of installation while others like to do it themselves. Regardless, there are a few myths that you need to be aware of as ignoring them can easily hinder the successful installation of a system that enhances your listening experience. 

Let’s talk about five common myths about car audio systems that every person interested in installing a new stereo must know and not ignore; 

Subwoofers Do Not Take Much Time After Installation To Produce Good Sound

People believe that it takes weeks for the subwoofer to produce its actual, high-quality sound. It is no doubt that newly installed subwoofers have somewhat of unpleasant noise. However, that must not last for more than a few minutes. 

After installation, the subwoofer should produce those deep tones within a couple of minutes, allowing you to enjoy your favorite genres of music. If it takes any longer, there is something wrong with the design and tuning of the subs. It is advisable to take it back to the shop and assess the required changes because the sound would not improve otherwise.  

2-Way Speakers Are Better Than 4-Way

A lot of people go forward with the stereo installation plan, thinking that 4-way speakers are better than 2-way. This is not true, as you can always make adjustments to enhance the sound quality of 2-way speakers. It involves adding a mid-range driver along with tweeters and a woofer. 

There’s also research that suggests that 2-way speakers can even sound better than 4-way speakers. How? If you install two high-quality drivers with 2-way speakers, the sound produced by them will be superior to that of 4-way speakers with poor-quality drivers. It is advisable to use 2-way speakers with additional components for a car audio system instead of 4-way ones. 

Adding More Speakers Will Not Improve The Sound Quality Of Your Car Stereo

This is another myth that you cannot ignore while getting a new audio system installed in your vehicle. Adding a few more speakers to the system only increases the volume while having no impact on the sound quality. 

If you decide to install more speakers, thinking it will produce better sound, then stop. This can lead to speaker interaction issues since the sound waves produced by each speaker will meet and cause unwanted peaks and dips. Experts always advise installing fewer speakers while adding an amplifier, tweeters, and woofers to enhance the quality of the car stereo. 

There’s Enough Space To Place A Subwoofer In Your Car 

Do not listen to a person who tells you that there is not enough room in your car for a subwoofer. Upon visiting the local store or an online shop, you will find that there are subwoofers available for all types of vehicles. You can easily purchase the one that suits your vehicle’s design and power capabilities. 

Subwoofers are usually placed inside the trunk of a vehicle. You have the option to either put it in a box for improved sound quality or simply place it without one. Regardless, there are various types of subwoofers available in the markets with equally varying dimensions that can fulfill your requirements. 

You Cannot Ground The Amps At The Battery 

Grounding the amps means placing the wire in an area that is free from any sort of electrical resistance. Those who believe that ground the amps at the battery need is fine need to reconsider their decision. If you ground the amplifier wires to the battery, they will not function effectively for a long time. 

Experts suggest grounding the amps to the area of your car where there is no metal. They also recommend placing the wires about eighteen inches from the amplifier to install the entire system efficiently. 

Final Words 

Were you ignoring these myths about car audio systems? It is very easy to become suspicious and make the wrong decision upon hearing things from someone. All you need to do to install a competent car audio system that produces high-quality music is purchase the right components. 

You can also surf the web to learn how to enhance the quality of your car stereo before installing a new system. It is advisable to do thorough research to avoid making a rash decision that leads to unfavorable outcomes, indeed consult the best audio shop near you.


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