5 Most Overlooked Car Services That You Shouldn’t Skip

5 Most Overlooked Car Services That You Shouldn’t Skip

Preventive car care by keeping up with the regular maintenance schedule can not only help with the prevention of costly repairs of different components of your vehicle but also gives you peace of mind that you and your family are safe while traveling.  Preventive car care also helps to reduce wear and tear of the engine and extend the life of your car.

Most of us pay attention to oil changes, tire inflation pressure checks, tire set rotations, among others (which are obviously vital), but many of us tend to overlook some other equally important components of the car.

So, here is a list of 5 basic car services that people usually tend to overlook but are immensely important for the maintenance of your vehicle’s health.

  1. Wheel Alignment

Misalignment of your car’s wheels can result in several problems and can also be life-threatening in worst cases. Misalignment can also affect several performance metrics of your vehicle as the changing angles make it tough for the car to stay steady on the intended course and thus require the engine to use more fuel in the procedure. This issue also makes the tires to wear-off more rapidly and unevenly. In simple words, wheel alignment affects fuel efficiency, tire performance, and tire wear, as well as vehicle handling and maneuverability. It is also a significant element for a vehicle’s steering response.

Therefore, you should carry out a wheel alignment service at least once a year. It is a professional service that requires proper machinery to execute the service with precision and improves the life of your tires.

  1. Getting your car’s brakes checked to make your trips safe. 

When you use the car for extended trips or as it gets old with time, checking brakes health becomes essential to avoid any unfortunate event. Like all other parts of your vehicle, the brakes require fluid to operate, and its components are prone to deterioration over time like the brake pads and rotors and can cause harmful friction. 

Extreme weather conditions like rain, snow, and even road chemicals contribute to early brake wear. These factors also bring lead to erosion of the lines that move brake fluid from the master cylinder to calipers. Moreover, letting the tank run dry also invites corrosion and equipment failure. Abnormal noises clearly tell that the brakes need attention.

Therefore, getting your brakes regularly checked by auto technician might be the most important car services on the list. Brakes services must include the fluid levels checks as well as the mechanical components to make sure the system is in proper working order.

  1. Battery Maintenance

The battery is the life force of a vehicle because you simply cannot t go anywhere if the battery is not working. Battery maintenance affects the entire electrical system in a vehicle including the alternator. Your car’s battery jumps to life the instant you put the key into the ignition, delivering power to the spark plugs, compulsory for starting the vehicle and all its electrical machines, including the ECU. So, yeah, it pays to keep it healthy and in good shape.

The best thing about battery maintenance is that you can do much of it from the comfort of your home and with your own hands. You can execute basic maintenance such as cleaning the battery terminals at home with a mixture of baking soda and. You can also seek professional help for optimal maintenance of your car battery.

  1. Transmission Coolant Flush

Transmission fluid is the reason the gears on a car move smoothly. The transmission controls the amount of power your vehicles’ wheels receive and allow you to change or maintain speeds. 

However, if the coolant level gets below the permitted mark, your car’s engine will overheat and may possibly breakdown. Therefore, neglecting this system can cause internal damage. And if the transmission system is damaged, it is can quite expensive and time-consuming to repair or replace the transmission. 

Therefore, it is crucial that you change the fluid after every oil change to keep transmission system appropriately cooled and lubricated. Experts also suggest a coolant flush and replenishment during the annual servicing. 

  1. Timing Belt Replacement

The timing belt plays a critical role when it comes to synchronizing a car’s drive shaft and driven shaft, which is essential for power delivery to the wheels. However, it is quite challenging to determine issues with the timing belt. The belt breaking off is a simple example of malfunction, and to avoid such an occurrence, experts commend replacing the timing belt when a car’s odometer reaches the 60,000 miles mark.

A car’s optimal performance is dependent on all of its systems working together in flawless sync. Even if one of these mechanisms starts malfunctioning, it can cost lives or money. So, get your car regularly checked and don’t miss out on these absolutely basic car services.


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