5 Reasons You Should Not Be Driving With Faulty Brake Pads

5 Reasons You Should Not Be Driving With Faulty Brake Pads

Nobody wants to drive a car with faulty components. When driving alone or with family, it is very important to be cautious of the condition your car is in. There might be faulty parts which you have not identified and given attention to. Before going on a long drive ensure the proper working of all parts especially the brake pads. Brake pads are a vital part of your car. Imagine discovering a faulty brake bad in the mid of busy highway. The harm it can cause to your car and above all, to you and your family is too much.

Following are the very common reasons which are enough to convince you to replace or fix your brake pads now!

Faulty brake pads, faulty rotors

When brake pads are no more in their ideal condition they damage other components of the brake system as well. The first target is the rotor. Faulty brake pads impair the proper functioning of the rotor. Once the rotor becomes thin its mass also reduces which in turn minimizes the ability of the rotor to absorb and release heat effectively. This causes overheating of the brake system. This chain of events continues without letting you notice it for a long time until the rotors break or crake. Even when the brake pads and rotors are faulty your car will function but it will stop functioning without giving you a hint. Thus, the car won’t stop. 

Defective brake pads, defective calipers

Faulty brake pads after damaging the rotors now damage the calipers. A caliper is the part which holds the rotor. When you hit the brake pad it clamps the rotor and the car slows down or stops. Brake pads serve as a buffering medium between the caliper and rotor. In the presence of faulty brake pads, there is no buffer between the two components. Now the caliper and rotor are in direct contact with each other. In this condition, when you hit brake pads the metal of both parts produce friction and a squealing sound is heard with a burnt oily odor. 

Worn out brake pads, worn-out tires

Speedily driving your car without caring about the faulty brake pads also damages the tires. After damaging rotors and calipers now is the turn of tires. When you slam the brake pads the rotors and calipers don’t function properly. Their impaired function causes unbalanced working of tires. When tires are unbalanced you can very well imagine how the vehicle might behave. The irregular and unconditional working of tires often leads to disastrous events. 

Delayed or no function

You hit brake pads to stop or slow down. Imagine not being able to stop at the speed of 80! The brake system becomes dysfunctional. It stops late or doesn’t stop at all. 

It is lethal!

Faulty brake pads damage all components in the brake system of your vehicle which ultimately leads to total failure. You don’t want to exit this world only because of reckless attitude towards replacing faulty brake pads.


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