5 Valuable Anti-Theft Devices You Can Install In Your Classic Cars

5 Valuable Anti-Theft Devices You Can Install In Your Classic Cars

Valuable Anti-Theft Devices

Are you an automotive enthusiast who likes to keep one or two classic cars? While driving a classic race car is an adventure in itself, protecting it from thieves is also necessary to avoid incurring substantial losses. 

Authorities believe that those who steal classic cars have a special eye to spot such vehicles on the road. Once a thief sees a valuable car they can sell for a good amount of money, their plan to steal it starts to brew. 

Living in a modernized era greatly inspired by an uncountable number of technological advancements, you can indeed take a few precautionary measures to keep your ride from getting stolen. It goes without saying that you need to keep it in the garage if your house has one. 

However, you cannot keep your car safe from thieves when parked outside the mall or cinema without implementing proper anti-theft strategies and using adequate devices. It is advisable not to take a risk because a thief never lets a classic car that can earn them a good day’s work get out of their hands. 

Research suggests that the average car theft rate amounts up to 207.18 stolen vehicles per 100,000 residents across the United States of America. If you do not want to be a part of such unpleasant statistics, let’s start discussing anti-theft devices to protect your classic car from a burglar; 

Steering Wheel Lock 

As the name suggests, this one locks the most important part of your vehicle, i.e., the steering wheel. Needless to say, the thief cannot take your classic car for a spin if its steering does not move. 

There are numerous types of steering wheel locks available in the local markets as well as an online store. This is a helpful item as it is quite difficult to unlock without the key. Moreover, a thief who sees a classic car equipped with a steering wheel lock will not waste their time trying to get inside and unlock it. Instead, they will go away to find their next target. 

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Wheel Clamps 

A tire clamp, also known as a parking or wheel boot, keeps a vehicle from moving. This is the most useful anti-theft device you can invest in, as it is nearly impossible to free the tires of a car from the clamp’s grasp.  

In addition to this, you only need to install a tire clamp on one of the four wheels. This undoubtedly enhances the safety of your classic car to a great extent. Tire clamps specifically come in handy for those people who live in a house that does not have a gated garage. It protects your classic car while helping you save a lot of money on insurance premiums. 

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Car Security Alarm System

Here’s one of the most common ways of protecting a car. It is a technologically advanced gadget that comes with several components, including an auxiliary battery, sensors, computer control unit, etc. 

Once the sensors detect signs of forced entry, like changes in air pressure inside the vehicle, it sends a signal to the main hub that triggers the alarm to warn the owner. Various types of car security alarm systems available nowadays mainly have distinctive sensors and perform with the same efficiency. 

Rest assured that you can install a car security alarm in your classic vehicle, regardless of its model, without facing any challenges. 

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Car Tracker 

You can easily install a vehicle tracking device in your classic car to know its whereabouts at all times. These gadgets trace the location of your car 24/7 through GPS (global positioning system) satellite navigation. Car trackers also use radio frequency and cell towers to function in case GPS coverage is weak. 

If someone manages to steal your car, the law enforcement authorities can take quick action by figuring out its accurate location through the tracking device. You also have the option of shutting the car down from a computer linked with the tracker if a thief steals it. 

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Brake Pedal Locks

Another anti-theft device includes brake pedal locks. These can be increasingly effective in keeping your classic car from moving even if a thief manages to get in. It is important to note that experts suggest considering this device as a last resort since installing it can be a bit hectic. 

You need to crouch down to the brakes to install pedal locks which do not sound very pleasant for a lot of people. Regardless, it protects your classic car from thieves who would do anything to steal it. 

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Final Words

Open up the laptop or drive to the nearest auto parts shop to purchase one of the five anti-theft devices mentioned here to prevent a thief from driving away in your most prized possession. 


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