Using your car on a daily bases means that it can get dirty in no time. Most people hardly find any time to maintain their cars as they are busy earning livelihoods or they simply cannot afford to do so. 

However, a dirty car means no one would want to carpool with you and a time will come when you are going to starting hating your ride.

Therefore, I have gathered a few ways that not only saves time but are also cost-effective as most of them can be done using basic household items. 

  1. For stained seats- you are going to need a spray bottle, a cup of vinegar, liquid soap, lemon juice, and some baking soda. Mix it all up and put in the spray bottle. Spray the mixture on your seat covers and use a brush to scrape all the dirt off the seats. Doing this at least once a week is enough to keep your seat neat and tidy. 
  1. Cleaning Rims & Tires- this is an important part of your car that, if cleaned, can make your car look amazing. Use the same homemade spray and clean the dirt with the help of a cloth. For tires, just use a brush and some water with washing powder to clean them. It is guaranteed, your car will look ten times better after you are done with this tip. 

Cleaning the windows- get a bunch of old newspapers and some vinegar to carry out this one. Using newspapers will prevent the glass from any scratches so you do not have to get them changed after a few months. Vinegar proves very helpful in trying to remove anything stick from the windows. How long your windows remain tidy depends on where you park your car. It is recommended to refrain from parking under trees. 

  1. Cleaning the body of your car- we all want a spotless shiny body in our car and many believe only a car wash can do that. However, it can be done at home on a Sunday so your car is ready to be used for the upcoming week. Get a bucket and make a nice mixture of water and soap. Put the mixture on the body and use a sponge or a glove to spread it. Turn the hose on and wash the mixture to get your car nice and shiny. 

Cleaning the dashboard- all you need to do perform this task is a soft cloth and you are good to go. Use the cloth to remove the dust from the dashboard as well as the whole interior. Vacuum cleaners can also be used but they don’t seem to get the job done as efficiently as a simple piece of cloth. 

All these 5 tasks can be done once a week to keep your car look good throughout the week. Since it is your property, it is also your responsibility to keep it clean by not making a mess. 

You can always keep a clean cloth to rub off the dust from the interior in the morning every day before going on your way.     

Refrain from getting in with dirty shoes, leaving trash in your car, and eating in there as well. Spending money on car wash especially when you have limited income seems pointless when you can clean your car at home using very few items. 


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