5 Ways to Upgrade an Old Car Using New Technology

5 Ways to Upgrade an Old Car Using New Technology


Look around; it is quite easy to see how technology is gradually taking over our daily lives. When comparing old vs. new technology, the most critical aspect is the increased convenience and comfort for people. The automotive industry is also incorporating the use of technology in newer models of cars to provide better safety measures for drivers. 

In a debate of old vs. new technology, it is noticeable that previously launched automobiles were mostly manual and required a lot of work. For instance, drivers of old cars had to stick their eyes to the roads to prevent any accidents, whereas now the cars have automatic braking systems and blind-spot monitoring.

We all agree on how old vs. new technology was comparatively slower, and many advancements have made our lives easier. 

Driving is now an enjoyable experience, but who gets to enjoy the benefits? Perhaps, only those who can afford it as it is a bit costly? However, this would be unfair to those whose pockets are not that deep. Therefore, several aftermarket devices for cars using new technology are available in the market for those who cannot buy a newer model.

Ways to Upgrade an Old Car Using New Technology

It is better to be aware of the kind of changes you can make to your car while upgrading from old vs. new technology. Let’s take a look at how you can go from old vs. new technology to have a more comfortable journey.    

  1. Bluetooth System in Stereos

If you have been driving an old car for a long time, then you must have gotten a ticket for holding your phone while driving. Replacing a traditional stereo with a system that has a Bluetooth option is a big jump from old vs. new technology

Connecting your smartphone to the car’s Bluetooth will sync your mobile with the car’s stereo. This means that you can receive your calls through the stereo without having to hold your phone. Moreover, the most fantastic part is that it allows you to play your phone’s music without having to connect an aux wire. Your playlists will appear on the system’s screen, and you can select a song from there.  

  1. Heads-up Displays (HUDs) 

This is by far the most exciting item that has been developed from old vs. new technology. Heads-up display is a screen projection on a car’s windshield, so the driver doesn’t have to take his/her eyes off the road. 

It was first introduced by manufacturers of Porsche, Audi, and Mercedes and later adopted by other companies as well. HUD is a big leap from old vs. new technology that keeps the driver safe by showing information like engine warning, speed, mileage, and future turns on the windshield. 

Installing one in your old car will prevent you from looking down instead of the road, thus, keeping you safe and secure.

  1. Parking Sensors 

Another favorable outcome of old vs. new technology is the different sensors that are designed to keep the car and the driver safe. Parking sensors have made our lives easier by helping us get out of tight parking spots without scratching the doors and fenders. How does it work? 

Typically, these sensors use sound waves to monitor the surroundings and activate when you shift the gear in reverse. A competent parking sensor gives a beeping sound or lights that get faster if you are coming close to hitting an object. Compatibility is an important aspect when upgrading your car from old vs. new technology

Hence, try to make sure that the sensors will work well with your car’s model. There are other sensors available in the market like vehicle speed sensors and oxygen sensors, thanks to the advancements made from old vs. new technology.   

  1. Rearview Camera 

A lot of accidents happen while trying to reverse a car without someone guiding you. This problem was solved with the invention of rearview cameras that makes your driving experience quite different from old vs. new technology

One can either install a rearview camera and a screen for display at home or take the car to an auto shop. A lot of countries are making the use of rearview cameras necessary for increased safety, specifically on national highways. The camera activates and shows the road at the back on the screen when you put the car in reverse.

  1. Navigation System & GPS

Due to the move from old vs. new technology, the chances of you getting lost in an unknown place have reached very low. Navigation systems that use GPS (global positioning system) to track your location on the world map and guide you through your journey are available in the market. 

This item usually comes up in a debate of old vs. new technology as it helps the drivers to a great extent. Do you want to get somewhere? All you need to do is enter the name of the place and let the navigation system do the rest.

Final Words 

The automotive industry has come a long way since the invention of the first car by Karl Benz. Some people may argue how old vs. new technology was better, but we can all see the comfortability and convenience of today’s cars. 

Even if you cannot afford to buy a new car, the aftermarket parts available to everyone can be easily installed in any vehicle. You can also search the internet for other technologically advanced car parts.  


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