8 Reasons Why Tinting Is Important For Your Car

To deal with a heavy sun all the day long, since you drive pretty much everywhere, not only gives you hard time but also hits you with harmful UV rays. That’s where tinting windows time comes. That not only gives style to your vehicle but also reduces the heat up to 70%, which is really good for the drivers living in high heat climates. The tint darkness is measured as the visible light transmission percentage, or VLT%. Tinting window reduces the Visible Light Transference (VLT). A higher percentage indicates a greater amount of light coming through the windows, so a low tint percentage would appear much darker.  

Another helpful byproduct of window tinting is it helps keep glass from shattering during an accident. There is sometimes a degree to which the top of the front window is tinted to help reflect the sun’s glare. This is mostly apparent on older vehicles with stock windshields. Window tinting is generally done by applying a film to the interior of the vehicle’s window and the most popular option in aftermarket car modification. Besides, tint limit is always set on a country’s own law. Different states and countries have different tinting laws, legally how dark it can be applied. Window Tinting is a desirable option for many vehicle owners today.  

8 reasons to Tint your Window

  • Secure Driving 

Driving with tinting windows is more secure than driving with windows that are not tinted. Window tint will reduce the glare in your car, so that sun won’t block your view while you are driving and will be more secure from accidents.

  • More Comfort

Window tinting creates a more comfortable environment, whether it is installed on a vehicle, home or commercial building. A cooler car is a delight to get and it will be easier for your air conditioning system to maintain the optimum atmosphere. It makes a car 60 to 70% cooler in the summer, and makes it stay warmer in winter.

  • Privacy

There is fine line between the need for privacy and the desire for natural light- Window Tinting addresses the both. It enhances privacy without sacrificing your view. They do not prevent the driver and passengers from seeing out, but they do prevent people outside the car from clearly seeing inside.  

  • Reduces Shattering

If your car is involved in an accident or is hit by some object the glass can shatter. This can cause injury to the car occupants. 

A window tint is actually a very thin film which is applied to the surface of the glass. It reduces the likelihood that glass splinters will become free. Less shattering means less risk of injury.

  • Styling

Tinted windows are the sign of quality. Cars look great with tinted windows as they enhance their look. If the safety and comfort of you are important then tint your windows for these reasons alone. If how you look has to be stylish and refined too, then tinting your windows will also appeal to you. In the same way as a pair of sunglasses can look cool, so tinted glass on your car looks cool and stylish without making you feel guilty for spending money on a pointless aesthetics-only feature. Tinted Windows automatically make your car look significantly more attractive. Your taste will be admired by those that see your car. 

  • Protection from UV rays

As we all know that protecting skin from UV rays is an important way of avoiding skin diseases. We do not go outside in strong sunshine without applying sun protection. You have to wear clothing that covers the skin and have to use sunscreen creams. Use cream with Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 and more. People regularly travel on a car journeys without a thought for the potential damage they do to their skin. Because being inside a car feels like being indoors so we usually do not think about skin protection. But reality is sitting in a car is not like being in a building. Light comes in through the glass windows that can expose you to harmful UV

Cooling the car with air-conditioning can make you feel better but it never removes UV rays. Here only Window Tinting works better for you. Tinted windows with UV protection work like sunscreen creams to reduce your exposure to UV rays.

  • Clear View

If strong sunshine is a problem in the locality in which you drive, tint your windows. As a driver, you owe it to yourself to make your vehicle as safe as possible, and by blocking out the glare of the sun, you will have an easier time navigating and voiding obstacles. Your visibility will be better and improved whenever you get a Window Tint. Your eyes will also get less weary when you are driving for hours, which is great for road trips.

A clear and better view really means improved driving and a greater chance of you and others travelling safely.

  • Monetary Value to your vehicle

People are keen to add resale value to their vehicle. Window Tinting can protect your vehicle’s internal fixtures and fittings by reducing color fade and stopping upholstery from cracking. They tend to have fewer cracks in leather and less fading of dashboards. This is a great way to take care of your car and maintain your investment for many years to come, all for an affordable price tag. It keeps your car in good condition.   


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