A Guide to buying Windshield Wipers

A Guide to buying Windshield Wipers


There is no such question as to why windshield wipers but why sound windshield wipers. You never know when seasons hit and cover all the front windows of your car with fog, water, or even dirt and debris leaving you all by yourself.

A strong pair of windshield wipers, which may not seem on the surface, can be a peculiar savior when in danger of death. Driving in bad weather without a proper view? – you know the consequences!

But are any windshield wipers strong enough to resist harsh atmospheric elements? Certainly not! The debate is long-discussed and the crux of all states is that windshield wipers are mechanics on their own and any compromise can lead to a lifetime hectic plus increased risks.

In a nutshell, the idea of a prosperous and safe driving experience fails without the proper service of windshield wipers. So, let’s jump right into our windshield wiper buying guide to understand from very scratch the types, features, and installation process of a strong windscreen wiper!

Types: Traditional VS Beam blades

In the duel between modern vs traditional windshield wipers, what would you choose? The most obvious answer is surely the contemporary ones which go side by side with today’s safety of the vehicle as well as passengers.

Let’s learn how and why Beam blades are better than the traditional windscreen wipers:

Traditional Wipers

Traditional windscreen wipers have a flat design with hinges to hold them. Yet they are in no more use because of their stiff, “flat” structure that leads to the build-up of clusters of dirt, debris, snow, and even dews. Also, they are not durable with their squeaking, juddering design adding to the negative points.

Beam Blades

They are also called bracketless. Most widely used across the globe, the invention of beam blades has changed the game of windscreen wipers. Unlike the flat wipers, they are concaved, thus covering all the area without harming the window glass. They also tend to have a gentle pressure, with synthetic rubber that not only lasts longer but also fights with stains, UV rays, and other harsh atmospheric elements.

Features of a strong windshield wiper

Once you have decided to go for strong windscreen wipers for your car’s front window (that is, a beam blade wiper), it is time to learn the difference between a quality and a mere satisfactory beam blade wiper. These are the features that you should not ignore:

Sound performance spoiler

A performance spoiler stands first on the list because they serve as a safety case for beam blades. Made of rubber, their primary job is to

  • reduce wind dragging as much as possible
  • put more stress on the windscreen while wiping
  • ensure no dirt and debris clusters are made
  • all without harming the window glass!

Not to forget their structure, they differ from low-quality wipers which have an end-to-end flat and levelled design. Remember, this doesn’t effectively remove dirt, snow, or water and leaves spaces in between.

What you should do instead is to look for a “concaved” shaped spoiler because it tends to have a thinner design from the ends and a thicker from the center. The benefit of such a structure is to put more stress and pressure in the middle and vice versa, giving you a better clean-up at areas most visible. Also, concave-shaped wipers are gentle at eliminating dirt, debris, snow, and water than the alternative.

Synthetic rubber blend

Quality above everything. And when it comes to a strong windscreen wiper, the rubber covering the beam blade should be synthetic. Since it is not actually the blades but the “rubber” that encounters the dirt, snow, and water most of the time, it is more prone to deterioration. Not only that, but when not in use, or when on a sunny day, rubber is also endangered due to UV rays.

Yet a synthetic rubber is more durable than simple rubber and can beat anything from mild to the harsh atmosphere. You need not worry about the stains either. Besides, synthetic rubber also means having a softer yet sound impact on the glass without absorbing anything in the material.

Not every synthetic rubber is actually “synthetic”, so find the brands that claim “synthetic rubber blend” or “full-synthetic rubber” for their material.


Never forget the golden rule of the day: a heavy wind wiper fails in removing harsh atmospheric elements due to its bulkier size. This also makes them slow which is another downside. But since it is likely to encounter wind, rain, or snowstorm, a light wiper may not be able to perform as well. And therefore, aerodynamic blades are miraculously proven to be the best and sound windshield wipers.

Also, make sure you are buying a windscreen wiper that adheres to the shape and size of your car’s front window. A detailed consultation with your car expert would be great in this regard!

Installation: DIY or professional

If you are someone looking for an adventure, here is the honest advice: don’t go for the DIY installation of windscreen wipers unless you are an expert in it. Mounting, placing, and fixing windshield wipers need proper prep as they are supposed to “tackle” not only the harsh elements but also the harmful UV rays. A poorly fitted wiper is most likely to break in the middle of a storm leaving you alone in a life and death situation!

Bottom line

By now it should be clear that the better the quality, the safer the driving experience. Our windshield wiper buying guide has also mentioned two types of wipers: flat and concaved, for which the latter is beam blades – the best gift for your car window!

A good performance spoiler that doesn’t clutter up elements and puts pressure more in the center than the corners, synthetic rubber that’s durable and non-absorbent, and an aerodynamic structure – all are the qualities of strong windscreen wipers.

Lastly, there is the installation of wipers, for which a professional installation is the best option given the fact that they need to be strongly and rightly fixed! 


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