Advantages Of Installing a Breathalyzer in Car

Advantages Of Installing a Breathalyzer in Car


If you are drunk and want to drive, you are not just putting your life in danger. You will also be a threat to the other people on the road too. It increases the risk of an accident because a drunk person cannot concentrate on the road.

All states have many laws and technologies to discourage driving after consuming alcohol. Surely, it is the only way to save lives and destruction of properties. One of the most effective devices to stop alcohol-impaired driving is ignition interlock devices.

What Is an Ignition Interlock Device?

An ignition interlock device is a breathalyzer to sample the driver’s breath to estimate the blood alcohol concentration. This device is connected to the ignition system of the car. So, if the blood alcohol limit is beyond a certain limit, you won’t be able to start your vehicle.

Mostly this device is installed in the vehicles of the alcohol abusers upon the direction of the court. Moreover, the record is directly sent to the concerned authorities, that can take immediate action if you try to drive after consuming alcohol or interfering with the device. You can also install it voluntarily for increased protection.

Advantages Of Installing a Breathalyzer in The Car

The major advantage of installing a breathalyzer in the car is the safety it provides to your car. However, let’s look at some other benefits of installing this device.

1.    Legal driving status

Abusing alcohol does not mean that your social status has ended. Proper treatment and alcohol rehabilitation can allow you to drive as safely as others. By installing a breathalyzer, you can safely go to your job, meet people or drive anywhere while keeping your legal driving status. If you maintain your driving status, you will also maintain your job and continue to support your family.

2.    Helps to predict the future behavior of the offender

The authorities regularly analyze the data from the ignition interlock device of the offenders to predict their future behavior. If you are constantly giving positive results, you will also be a responsible driver in the future. The repeated failed tests can result in the cancellation of your driving license.

3.    Cost-effective safety device

This device is available in the market easily at the lowest prices ranging from 2 to 3 dollars. This amount is even less than the amount you pay for dinner. It is easy to install and an effective safety device for everyone inside and outside the car. You can contact us at Katy Kar Audio to buy this device. It is better to invest in this device rather than paying penalties or getting punishments.

4.    Increased Liability

Many companies install ignition interlock devices in their vehicles to test the liability of their employees. A small blood alcohol concentration can impair your thinking and body function no matter how well you think you can handle it. This device keeps the employees safe and the employer and company away from any legal action.

5.    Prevent accidents

You may get the thought of driving after a night of partying. Alcohol consumption blocks your thinking ability, and you will be unable to judge how impaired you are. These bad decisions can threaten your life. Installing a breathalyzer is a precautionary measure to save yourself.

6.    Protection for your loved ones

Many parents install breathalyzers in the cars mostly used by the youngers. The younger generation is more prone to fall victim to it. This device sweeps away all your worries, and you feel relaxed that your children and family are safe on the road. If you have drug abusers in your family, install them in their cars to ensure their safety.

7.    Helps you in rehabilitation

If you are recovering from abusing alcohol, this device will help you to change your behaviour. You will observe your positive attitude and try to be sober so you can drive and stay connected to everyone. You try to control yourself and keep your commitments. By maintaining a record of the clean sample, you can get it off your vehicle and feel free to drive.

Disadvantages Of a Car Breathalyzer

Buying and installing a breathalyzer in the car costs you some money. You may feel trouble, but it is far less than the problems you will get into if you have an accident. Some people find installing the breathalyzer in the car embarrassing, but if you observe, it is not more embarrassing than abusing alcohol.

Final Words

A breathalyzer measures the alcohol content in your blood, and the authorities analyze the data to observe your behaviour. It guarantees the safety of yourself and the people on the road. The cost is not much, but the benefits are far more. Contact us at Katy Kar Audio to install such devices professionally into your vehicles to avoid damage to your car.


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