Are Flashing Lights & Blaring Sounds Necessary In Fire Brigades?

Are Flashing Lights & Blaring Sounds Necessary In Fire Brigades?

How many times have you seen the fire brigade? If you live in an urban area, the chances of noticing a fire truck speeding through the streets to get to wherever its services are needed are much higher. What makes a fire truck stand out? Every emergency vehicle you see on the roads has one thing in common, the warning system. Whether it is a police car, ambulance, or fire brigade, the blaring sounds of emergency horns and flashing lights on the roof are quite prominent. Have you wondered about the importance of these things on an emergency vehicle? 

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It is vital to be aware of the significance and usefulness of these systems to stay safe. This also means remaining educated about why flashing lights and blaring sounds are necessary instead of considering them as distractions. A fire brigade is equipped with essential tools and equipment required to prevent extensive damages to people and their belongings. The machinery and instruments found inside such trucks prove significantly helpful in putting out the fire. As we all know, incidents involving a place or anything else catching fire are uncertain and can lead to the loss of lives. Fire trucks need to arrive at the scene as soon as possible, for which they need clear roads and zero obstacles on the way. It is time to realize that flashing lights and blaring sounds do more good than serve as distractions. 

What Messages Are Delivered By Warning Systems On Fire Trucks? 

It is safe to say that the sounds and red/blue blinkers only state, ‘Get out of the way there is an unusual activity undergoing on the road.’ It warns people to stop walking while alerting drivers to clear the way for the truck to pass through. If not, in reality, you must have seen a fire truck passing by a populated area while in transit to a specific location. The people try their best to be of assistance as they drive cars to the side of the road. Similarly, those on foot seek safety by sticking to the corners of the streets or footpaths. Here’s a more detailed answer to your question for better understanding the meaning of the warning systems on a fire truck; 

  • Drive With Caution: Needless to say, a fire brigade speeding through traffic endangers those around it. The sirens and flashers warn the drivers to continue driving at an acceptable speed. Their speed should be enough to keep the traffic flowing while giving them enough time to recognize what’s happening. 
  • Move To The Right: Since the fire truck is responding to an emergency, other drivers need to drive to the right lane. This clears the left lane, giving the trucks enough space to cruise smoothly without causing any trouble. 

Research suggests that NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) has designated a fire truck’s response time to 9 minutes and 20 seconds. This includes the turn-out time, which is about 80 seconds, as well as a travel time of 480 seconds. Could you imagine what would happen if these trucks didn’t come with such efficient and effective hazard signs? 

Let’s Talk About The Colors Of The Flashers On A Fire Truck 

The warning light system has various colors, including red, yellow, blue, green, white, etc. Everyone needs to understand the meaning of each color and the following reaction to it. For instance, red light suggests other vehicles stop or slow down to prevent a collision. Similarly, yellow is used as a caution signal in a lot of slow-moving vehicles as higher intensities can be obtained compared to other colors. While white is not a favorable choice, blue is an excellent one. It is distinctive at nighttime as there are not many blue lights in the surroundings outside. Red is quickly identified as an emergency alert that tells people to drive or walk carefully. Each color is standardized to enable the personnel of every emergency department to do their jobs effectively. Fire trucks in almost every country have red lights installed for obvious reasons that we just discussed. 

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Is A Fire Truck’s Warning System A Sure-Fire Deterrent? 

Research conducted by a prestigious organization a few years ago concluded that 27,095 fire departments in America were able to protect about 68% of people from falling victim to a hazardous situation. Do you think it would have been possible for the responders to reach the sights on time without fully functioning warning systems? The roles of the flashing lights and blaring sounds are far greater than many of us believe. These mechanisms are indeed sure-fire deterrents that prove increasingly useful when required. Ambulances, police mobiles, and fire trucks, have varying colors of lights coupled with a distinctive sounding siren. Regardless, every light and horn has a purpose everyone should acknowledge. 


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