Are Remote Car Starters Worth it?

Are Remote Car Starters Worth it?


Winter is approaching near. On cold mornings, it gets too hard to leave your warm bed, get into the car, and go to work. Your car is standing in the parking area for the whole night. So, the temperature is surely going to be too low. However, a remote car starter is the best thing to get for your car.

VIPER Remote Car Starter

Remote car starters are coming in demand nowadays by many car owners. As its name indicates, this device helps the driver start the car’s engine remotely. It is going to serve many other purposes if installed properly. For a better experience, Katy Kar Audio will help you a lot.

Why do I Need a Remote Car Starter for my Car?

A remote car starter does a lot more than just heat the car. Let’s have a look at the reasons why this installation is going to be beneficial for you and your vehicle.

1.    Adjustment of the Car’s Temperature

Driving becomes a dreadful experience when you get in your car, and the temperature is too hot or too cold. A remote car starter helps you adjust the car’s temperature to the ideal one regardless of where you are and how far your car is parked.

When considering going on a ride, turn on the heater or air conditioner, depending on the weather. The car’s temperature will be at the ideal level once you get in it.

2.    Have an Easy Exit

What could be more horrifying than leaving a safe workplace or home and getting into a car parked in a deserted parking lot? You will never feel safe in such a situation and want to leave that place as soon as possible. Moreover, finding the keys to unlock the door can be a bit difficult if you carry some luggage or shopping bags.

Therefore, a remote car starter is there to help you to be safe in such situations. This device helps you start your car’s engine and unlock the doors. So, get into the car and leave quickly.

3.    Prevent Theft and Increased Security

Sometimes people try to leave their cars unattended, thinking about going somewhere and coming back quickly. They try to leave an unlocked car so they do not have to worry about heating up or cooling the car again. However, leaving the car unlocked is a major risk and a cause of car theft. Such cars grab the attention of thieves and robbers.

A remote car start allows you to keep the vehicle’s engine running with the doors shut closed. Do whatever you want, and your car is ready to get in. Moreover, if someone tries to invade your privacy by peeking into your car, turn on the engine remotely to scare them away.

4.    Turn on the Defroster

After hailing or snowfall, the windscreen and top of the car accumulate too much snow. It becomes a nightmare to scrap off all the snow. Sometimes people only clear the windscreen considering it to be fine. However, the snow from the top can fall on the windscreen during driving and block the driver’s vision.

Such scenarios are the major cause of accidents, especially in the winter. Moreover, it would be difficult for you to watch the defroster working for a long time in cold weather. This device will help you to turn on the defroster when you are standing in your room and getting ready to leave.

5.    Warm up the Engine

In cold weather, it is essential to warm up your vehicle’s engine. If the oil or diesel in your car is cold, it will not provide the proper lubrication and will stress the car’s engine. Warming up the engine is essential to keep your car ready to move on the road in winter.

All you need to do is to push a button on your remote car starter. It will turn on the car’s engine and preheat it before you start driving.

6.    Increased Resale Value

Are you still considering the reason for getting this system for your car? Increasing the resale value of the car is the best and most important reason out of all of them. The cars come with or without factory systems that the buyer tends to replace with better and high-quality aftermarket systems.

The remote car starter is considered to be the best add-on. Many people buy second-hand cars with all the necessary and compatible installations. Choosing the right system for the car can be tricky, but it gives you a good resale value if you are considering it.

Why do I Need to Replace the Factory Remote Car Starter?

Many car owners try to replace the factory remote car starter with a new one. Do you think it is a waste of money because all of them are the same? No, you’re mistaken here. Remote car starters vary greatly in their features, especially the ranges.

The factory remote car starters usually have a small range and do not work after it. If you are on the 30th floor of a building and want to start the car remotely, those starters will not help you. A high-quality starter can help you to solve this issue.

Final Words

Remote car starters are essential for easy and safe driving. Apart from just remotely starting the car, this device does much more. So, it is worth it. If you are confused among the wide range of options in the market, the professional at Katy Kar Audio will help you to get the compatible and best thing for your vehicle.


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