Automotive Styling and Window Tinting in Katy

Automotive Styling and Window Tinting in Katy


If you are tired of the bland interior of your car, automotive styling is the best option. Automotive styling is the process in which your car’s appearance is changed for aesthetic purposes. Automotive stylists use different computer software and technologies and come up with many ideas to give an entirely different look to your vehicle. The modified car is much improved than that you get from the manufacturer.

 Many people go for automotive styling as it also increases the market value of your car. All of you want your cars to be perfect looking. There is no need to compromise on it. There are many outstanding automotive stylists out there who can help your car to look amazing. If you are in Katy, Katy Kar Audio professionals will help you with it.

Popular Car Styling Ideas

When it comes to car styling, there are a lot of things that you can do. Some car modifications are only for the vehicle’s appearance, while others can improve the operational capability. You must be careful about the local laws before choosing any service as it can cost you a heavy ticket.

Below are some of the famous car styling ideas. Let’s have a look at them.

1.    Change Car Tires

If you are upgrading your car for improved speed and handling, standard tires will never support it. Instead of changing tires, again and again, go for the ones that can go with it. Tires are the essential parts of a car. They change the way your car behaves on the road.

It is never affordable to change these parts of your vehicle frequently. A one-time investment in high-quality parts can be much safer and easy to drive. A new set of alloys is also one of the best car modifications. Nowadays, you have to make a little effort to find the correct alloys for your car.

2.    Upgrade Car Brakes

If you are dissatisfied with the built-in brakes of your car, you can upgrade it too. Moreover, before considering modifying the car engine, you must change the brakes to those compatible with the power you want. This can improve your driving experience. Better brakes are easy to apply in the case of an emergency and can save you from terrible accidents.

Upgrading car brakes is one of the cheapest car modifications, but you will be amazed by its benefits. Improved stopping power is all you want while thinking about new brakes. It will be best if you change discs, calipers, and brake hoses too.

3.    Sport Seats

When it comes to enhancing car looks, installing sports seats in the car is the best option. Mostly these are just for the aesthetic vibes, and your car will look incredible with this modification. Moreover, there are a lot of benefits you can get with sports seats.

Properly installed sports seats can ease the discomfort caused by prolonged driving. These are much more supportive of improving the driving position of the driver. However, you can use only those seats that go with your vehicle’s factory seatbelt and do not interfere with the airbags.

4.    Paint Jobs

Paint jobs are one of the most challenging car modifications to get. The results only depend on the taste of the car modifier. Any distasteful car paint job can ruin the entire look of your car. You can use a lot of computer software to have a proper paint job.

This modification seems to be more straightforward. However, it can cost a lot of money and time. You can do it all by yourself, but the results may be unwanted. It is advisable to get the service of a professional to repaint your car. There are also laws related to painting and chemical fumes. Beware of them.

5.    Window Tinting

Apart from the aesthetic vibes, window tinting is for increasing privacy and resolving the health concerns of the driver and passengers. There are many types of window tinting options. However, the amount of window tint you can apply depends on the window you are tinting.

Proper car window tinting can reduce the sunlight that enters your car by darkening the windows. Following are some of the main types of windows tinting options.

  1. Ceramic window tint
  2. Metallic window tint
  3. Carbon window tint
  4. Hybrid window tint
  5. Dyed window tint

All these types have their pros and cons. Before applying any of these films, you must take the suggestions of the window tinting professionals. Those experts can guide you about the local laws and the best window tint according to the durability of the films. Here at Katy Kar Audio, we have an expert team to help you from choosing to the installation of window tint correctly.

Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing The Window Tint

Below are some crucial points to keep in mind for your safety.

  • The primary purpose of window tinting is to reduce glare and block harmful radiations. Chooser the film accordingly.
  • If you want to increase your privacy, go for low VLT films.
  • Stay within the legal limits of your state while getting window tinting. Any violation can cost you a hefty fine.
  • In the case of medical issues, you can go beyond the legal limits but get your medical report with you.
  • A window tint with very low VLT can decrease the driver’s vision and cause an accident.


Car modification is the best way to keep your car from others. It would be best if you were careful with it. Always consult with a professional to buy the best products for your car. Any unfit product can lead to the wastage of your money. You need to spend time and money on your car styling, and the output will be the way you want.


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