Breathe Fresh and Clean Air While Driving

Breathe Fresh and Clean Air While Driving

Research shows that the pollutant level is high inside the car as the vehicle absorbs the emission from the other vehicles and then disseminates it. The level of a toxic substance is ten times higher inside the car than the outside environment. 

So, it is necessary to breathe fresh air while car driving because it keeps you alert and decreases driving fatigue. There are the following ways to keep the car’s environment clean and reduce in-car pollution.

Use high-efficiency car purifier

It consists of HyperHEPA particle filtration technology that aims to filter ultrafine particles (UFPs). These particles are smaller than 0.1 microns. However, they are very harmful to our health. We can inhale these particles quickly, and these particles get absorbed directly into the bloodstream. 

From blood, these particles will travel to all the essential organs, including the brain, and this can be very dangerous. So, a good quality car purifier filters all these ultrafine particles. It also protects the car. 

Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles

You must maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, especially from the heavy diesel trucks. These trucks produce pollutant emissions, which consist of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, particulate matter, and hydrocarbons. This pollutant emission can cause cancer and lung damage. 

When you are stuck in traffic

When you are stuck in traffic or at a stop sign or red light; you must close your window. Because research has shown that the traffic signals have 29 times higher concentration of particulate matter than roads. Drivers spent 2 percent of their time crossing through these signals, which constitute 25% of their pollution exposure. 

So, you must close your window and maintain a safe distance from the other car. When you will close your car’s windows and choose the recirculation function of your car’s ventilation system, then it will decrease particulate matter concentration 

Try to use less packed roads 

You must use less busy or less packed roads that have fewer traffic signals while car driving. Even if they take a little longer distance, try to avoid rush hours as more vehicles mean more pollution. As the research suggested that, the pollution is seven times higher when you are in traffic and windows are open. Pollution inside a vehicle stuck in heavy traffic can be 40% higher than when it is moving. 

Do not depend on in-car air filtration systems

The traditional cabin air filters are designed to eliminate large particles like dust and pollen from your car’s air. Consequently, they are not good at filtering ultrafine particles, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, volatile compounds, or other toxic pollutants from the car. 

These gases, when inhaled, can impair decision making, makes you sleepy and can cause adverse health effects. Moreover, they do not filter the air coming through window or door cracks.

Do not use car air freshener or deodorizer

Try to avoid car air freshener or deodorizer during car driving, as they are full of harmful chemicals. As gel type, air freshener can attract free dust particles and other allergens. This will eventually cause a problem for people with allergies or other respiratory problems. This air freshener will make your air quality worse, not better.

Repairing of air conditioner

If you want your air conditioner will work productively and increase its lifetime; you need to service it once a year. It includes cooling fan operation, examining air conditioner components, and checking the air filter. You need to check if the car’s air filter is clean or accumulating dirt. If the filters are grubby and dirty, you need to change them. The performance of the air conditioner will be assessed and will be restored if required.

Keep your car interior clean

You need to clean the car interior clean during car driving as these pollutants can combine with the dust particles. And when we inhale such particles, it will cause a severe problem. But do not use chemical cleaner to clean inside the car environment. You can use microfiber rag instead. 

Fractional air circulation

The technique has designed to open recirculation flap at particular angles so that there is a balance between recirculated and fresh air. This method is called “Fractional air circulation,” and it can reduce carbon dioxide and other pollutants. It has also improved the air filtration system. 

However, driver can use fractional circulation according to their needs. It depends on the number of passengers, speed of the car, the efficiency of a car’s air filtration system, and how well sealed the car’s body and windows are. When you are using packed or congested roads, then you can select recirculation mode and control the fan speed. 

But you cannot use recirculation mode at the lowest fan speed for a long duration as carbon dioxide will begin to accumulate in the cabin. If you have to use recirculation mode for an extended period, then you can increase the fan speed.  


At last, cars and other vehicles have become a part of our lives. We cannot stop using such vehicles, but we can take some steps to keep the in-car environment clean and fresh while car driving. You can reduce pollution inside the car by following these steps. Thus, it will decrease 50% of your exposure to the harmful airborne pollutants.  


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