Can I Install An In-Dash Navigation System In My Classic Car?
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Can I Install An In-Dash Navigation System In My Classic Car?

Do you drive a classic vehicle? Many people across the globe prefer old cars over newly designed ones for a lot of reasons. Some people keep a classic car for its sentimental value, while others do it because they believe that older models have better designs and quality. 

However, the one thing that everyone seems to agree to without a doubt is the usefulness of today’s modernized infotainment system. You no longer need to take out maps from the glovebox to find your way as GPS (global positioning system) can lead the way effectively. 

Nowadays, in-dash navigation systems prove incredibly helpful due to their features. Firstly, they come with a touchscreen that anyone can operate with their fingers without any difficulty. Secondly, the technologically advanced infotainment systems found in the markets today no longer require a cassette to play music. 

Porsche Classic Releases Vintage Looking Navigation Radio for Old 911s |  Carscoops

People hardly even play the radio as they can listen to their favorite tunes by connecting their smartphones to the system via Bluetooth or an AUX cable. In addition to this, there’s also a port to connect a USB. One can watch videos on these in-dash navigation systems. Doesn’t all of it sound like a seamless experience? 
Now imagine having such an efficient piece of equipment installed in your favorite muscle car? It is indeed going to make your road trips, and late-night drives more fun. It is possible to get an aftermarket in-dash navigation device for your classic car at affordable prices. You can either visit the local markets or place an order at an online store that offers high-quality infotainment systems. 

Advantages Of Installing An In-Dash Navigation System In Your Classic Car

Research suggests that this year, the global market size of the automotive infotainment system is going to grow as high as $33.4 billion. The statistics undoubtedly point toward the fact that people are demanding these in-dash navigation systems to reap their benefits. Here are the perks of installing a new infotainment system in your old car; 

  • It improves the resale value of the car. 
  • It adds convenience to the owner’s life as they can play music on the go by connecting their smartphone, regardless of its operating system, to the system. 
  • The mapping software can help you find your way through unknown streets within minutes. 
  • It comes in handy during road trips as you no longer need a road map. The system also has a voice that provides verbal navigation to guide you throughout the journey. 
  • Any passenger can play their playlist via Bluetooth without causing any disturbance inside the vehicle.
  • You can use the navigation system to find clear roads to get through traffic easily. 
  • These systems also come with a rear-view camera that proves helpful for the driver while reversing the car. These have sensors that start to make fast beeping sounds if the vehicle is about to hit an obstacle. 

Believe it or not, an in-dash navigation system also enhances the look of your classic car’s interior. 

7-Inch In-dash GPS Navigation System with optional Backup Camera

What To Look For An In-Dash Navigation System Prior To Finalizing Any Purchase?

It is vital to do thorough research before investing your hard-earned money in an in-dash navigation system. Here are a few things that you need to look for while purchasing a technologically advanced infotainment system; 

  • How easy is it to use? 
  • The accuracy of the navigation system
  • How fast it finds the required route? 
  • The size of the screen matters a lot. Normally, a system with over 6 inches is an ideal choice. 
  • Resolutions of the screen, so you can see the way at first glance while focusing on the road. 
  • High-resolution screens also come in handy if the passengers wish to watch a video or movie on the road to get rid of boredom. 
  • How many points of interest (POI) does the system offer? These include nearby ATMs, petrol pumps, hospitals, auto shops, hotels, and restaurants. The more POIs, an in-dash navigation system has, the better. 
  • You also need to check if the device allows beforehand programming of various stops to your destination. Such systems are capable of informing the driver if the desired POI is nearby. 
  • Does the infotainment system provide real-time traffic data? 
  • There are a lot of modernized in-dash navigation systems with which you can synchronize your Android smartphones. It is advisable to invest in infotainment devices that let you operate mobile apps through the receiver. 
  • Is the system capable of updating maps and navigation data according to real-time?

Another important thing is the size of the in-dash navigation system. It may fit the interior layout perfectly, or you might have to make a few adjustments. 

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Final Words

You have to check online stores like Amazon for in-dash navigation systems to compare prices and make an adequate purchase. 


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