Car Alarms and Remote Start System Installation in Katy

Car Alarms and Remote Start System Installation in Katy

Car Alarms and Remote Start System Installation in Katy


Katy is a town in the west of the state of Texas in the U.S. If you roam around in the city these days you see parking spaces everywhere and people living here go to offices to work. A large population of the citizens of the city uses automobiles for transportation. As these automobiles are increasing in numbers, so are the theft reports. It means to make sure you have your hard-earned vehicle safe in a parking lot, you need some safety devices for your cars. 

Car Safety Devices

In this article, we will be discussing two of the handiest car-safety devices that can be installed in your vehicle to ensure its safety while you are away.

Car Alarms

Car Alarms are a group of sensors attached to surveillance alarms. A complete car alarm includes door sensors, shock sensors, motion and tilt sensors attached to an emergency alarm. Also, these sensors are intelligent and get turned on once the car is parked and locked.

In case of any unusual touching or an act of tempering to the car doors or windows, the alarm starts beeping and never gets turned off until it is turned off with car key. Modern car alarms are also equipped with a chip and can be connected to your mobile phone with the help of a mobile phone app. So, a car alarm can prevent car thefts from public places.

You can get your car alarm installed in your car at a price ranging from $50- $500, depending on the complexity and efficiency of the system.

Remote Start System

Car remote start systems are one of the handy add-ons to your automobiles. They give you a comfortable and efficient locking system in your car. If you are in a hurry and your car key is not working well, a remote start system can save you. 

Remote start systems are modern keys, they have buttons and a system to lock and unlock your car using radio signals. 

Modern Control Systems

Modern Control Systems also have access to your mobile phones. You can also connect them to your mobile phones and check the locked/unlocked status of your car. So, this system provides an extra layer of security to your car. You don’t have to sneak through a window to check whether the car is safely parked or not. You can open the mobile application and check everything including the locking system and the car windows.

You can get a remote start system installed in your automobile in a price range of $70-$400. It all depends on your car model and the efficiency of the system. You can get a remote start system installed in your car from any local market in Katy. Katy Car Audio is an emerging brand in Katy city providing services for your automobiles. You can visit us on the webpage or contact us at There are other stores as well in the local markets of the city.

Where to get Car Alarms and Remote Start System in Katy?

Finding an automobile workshop in Katy isn’t a big deal, but finding the best quality products in the city is. Katycaraudio is the best place for you if you are looking for some good-quality automobile parts and add-ons such as a security system. 

We have our workshop on the North Fry Road so if you are living somewhere near, these people are the best recommended for you. 

We deal in almost every car brand and every model, so don’t worry if you have some less common car brand. Also, we have almost all the best quality automobile brand parts available at our stores. 

You can reach us at (281) 578 6950 for any information. The support staff is extra-friendly and the good thing is you can get an extra 5% discount if you book an appointment.

Why chose Katy Car Audio

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose us to install car alarms and remote start systems for your car.

  • Economical prices 

They offer the lowest possible prices for your car parts, with a guarantee of the best quality accessories. 

  • Extra-friendly staff

The support staff is very nice. Also, the team at the workshop gives every customer extra attention. Looks like customer satisfaction has been their utmost priority.

  • Variety

We deal in almost every model of automobile. We have a variety of products of accessories of different brands.

  • Easy Financing

We provide easy financing schemes for any work done for you. Just need not worry and check our financing plans on the webpage.

Final Words

You just read how handy the accessories can be for your car. You just have to make sure you get the best product for you that suits your needs. Before buying anything, just make sure you get genuine accessories for your car. Never hesitate to negotiate for the prices of these accessories and always take advice from someone who is an expert in buying these accessories. 


Why choose Katykar for auto styling and reconditioning?

Economical prices 
Extra-friendly staff
Easy Financing

4 Devices You Must Install For Car Safety in Katy Texas

Car Alarms
Remote Start
Modern Control Systems
360 Degree Back Cameras


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