Comparison of different car audio speakers. Which one is the best?

Comparison of different car audio speakers. Which one is the best?


The audio system of a car is its essence and core component. If you have purchased, built, or restored a car, having an average sound audio system might be bad. As it makes the car’s overall feel go down drastically.

For example, if the car audio is not up to the mark or making extra rattles, it immensely brings down the car’s swag. Furthermore, a good audio system also makes you proud of your car. 

Even more proud when you get compliments on how good it is from other vehicles. Or your mate’s car.

Comparison of Different Car Audio Speakers

Compared to previous automobiles, where an AM radio could have been an extra-cost option. It has been seen that many new cars now come with good sound systems. However, perhaps you want better audio from your car without having to pay a premium for unknown factory components. 

Fortunately, the aftermarket allows you to upgrade to the best car speakers available. Many of which are direct replacements. This means you won’t have to deal with intricate wiring, a new head unit, or even installing an amplifier in your vehicle. This is especially crucial in today’s time that most new automobiles have complicated infotainment systems. These systems are difficult to remove.

Many Audio systems and speakers are available on the market with different price ranges. You can select from them concerning your choice and what you want from an audio system of your choice. How much bass, terrible or sound, it shall produce?

Having a good idea about what you want makes your purchase easy and effective. Katy Car Audio has gathered a list of the best speakers in every department according to the price ranges. Now it is up to you which one suits you the best.

C5 Series by JL Audio

The JL Audio C5 series is a high-end component speaker system using JL’s own technology and expertise.

JL Audio is a well-known and famous company in the mobile, maritime, and home audio industries, formed in 1975.

They are based in Miramar, Florida, and are a few firms that still manufacture a significant portion of their goods in the United States. They have also maintained their position as an industry leader in quality and innovation.

In Germany, Dr. Kurt Müller & Co. precisely built several of JL Audio’s products, such as the C5 woofers and tweeters. DMA-optimized motors, increased frame cooling, and high-end silk dome tweeters are all included.

Mille Pro Hertz

The Hertz Mille Pro series is another high-end component system that can compete with just about any other set in its class.The Mille Pro is a step down from Hertz’s flagship Mille Legend speaker range. 

Given the number of speaker sets Hertz provides and the general quality of its goods, “one step below” is a big statement. Hertz’s initial mobile audio product, the 1st generation Hi-Energy series of speakers, included a complete line of woofers, midranges, tweeters, and coaxials. It was debuted in 1998, breaking into vehicle audio as a protagonist for high sensitivity and powerful power handling.

Hertz has been a pioneer in the automotive audio business for high-end and audiophile-grade components and value goods that are sure to give a step up in sound quality and fidelity as a consequence of all the years of expertise and technological expertise R&D. Their amplifiers and subwoofers are of the same high quality and craftsmanship as their whole line of speakers.

Hybrid Morel

Morel is a high-end brand in the world of mobile audio. Because most of the business is focused on a number over quality, just a few companies create audiophile-grade speakers.

Fortunately for us audiophiles, there are still firms like Morel that feel precise and dynamic sound reproduction in a mobile setting is the pinnacle achievement.

The Morel Hybrid component line showcases the superior technology and design of all of their products. 

Creating an audio system around the Hybrid series will yield some very exceptional results.

Hybrid woofers (402, 502, and 602), MT230 tweeters, and MXR240 crossovers make up the Hybrid’s components.

The woofers have a hybrid magnet system created specifically for them and modern technology, including a one-piece DPC cone and a huge 2.1″ Hexatech voice coil in an EVC framework.

With its strong double neodymium magnet and Acuflex coated soft dome tweeter, the MT230 tweeter produces the warm sound that Morel is known for. 

The 1-1/8″ diameter Hexatech aluminum voice coil has a low resonance point and provides great power handling.

GTO609C by JBL

JBL is a well-known brand that makes a wide selection of audio equipment; therefore, this is a nice offering. It’s part of JBL’s well-regarded GT range of automotive speakers. 

It’s a coaxial system with separate enclosures for the woofers and tweeters. This gives you additional options when it comes to speaker positioning.

The 6.5-inch woofer is precisely built, with a carbon-injected cone produced using JBL’s unique Plus One technology. 

This results in a larger total cone area. It may also move more air, resulting in more intense bass than other cones of similar size.

Pioneer (TS-A6886R)

The “6 x 8” speakers are oval in design. The package includes four of them, allowing you to enjoy perfect surround sound. The pricing of this Pioneer product seems pretty reasonable. 

In reality, it costs the same as a two-way or three-way system, even though it is a four-way system. 

As a result, the sound quality is substantially more detailed and richer. A woofer, a mid-range cone, a tweeter, and a super tweeter make up the system. 

These four drivers work together to deliver a significantly broader frequency response, resulting in a dynamic, genuine sound with plenty of richness and depth.


It’s never a bad idea to upgrade your car’s speakers. Most car manufacturers deploy factory-installed systems that fall short of the quality that an inexpensive update may provide. 

If you replace these standard speakers with one of the good ones on our list, you’ll notice a significant difference.

Keep in mind that the amplifier will influence the sound quality. You might want to consider updating both the amp and the speakers simultaneously. 

If you do, you’ll have total freedom in terms of speaker selection. Since you won’t have to worry about finding a pair that works with your car’s standard amplifier.


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