Complete Guide on Auto Window Tinting

Complete Guide on Auto Window Tinting

Auto window tinting looks great if done properly. To do window tinting correctly, the first thing to consider is to understand the law behind it. Window-screen and windows allow 70% of the light through it. In this case, tint it slightly. 

However, rear windows can be tinted as dark as you want it. Auto window tinting protects the car and other automobiles like trucks from UV rays which can result in car damage and fading. It shields the vehicle against permanent damage.  

Guide for Auto Window Tinting

  1. Buckle Up with Relevant Equipment

Auto window tinting is a straightforward procedure if one has a complete kit, needed for tinting. Following are the things required for tinting; 

  • Tint bottle
  • Knives and Razor
  • Scrapers
  • Squeegee and rubber
  • Squeegee components and handles
  • Cleaning items and additives
  • Heat gun
  1. Prepare your Car for Tinting

Best time for auto window tinting is when the car is away from the road and parked in a well-lit garage. If the garage is not available, then it is essential to start this procedure in a clean, dry place or in-open when the sky is clear. Wash or clean the interior of the car to avoid dust inside the vehicle. 

 Apply tinting vinyl and make sure that no debris is floating in the air when you apply it. Remove all the stickers from inside and outside the windows. Use scourer to remove the residue left by sticker. To clean the rubber seals, surrounding the window, use a cloth with a tinting solution.

  1. Clean the Windows

Three things are needed to clean the windows. A squeegee, a microfiber cloth and a tint solution. Immerse the fabric in tint solution and clean the windows. To remove the dirt, clean the window repeatedly. 

When the clothes move freely over the windows without catching any dust, this proves that windows are clean. Clean all the corners of the window and make sure to clean both sides of the window. Use a squeegee to remove the tint solution from the window.

  1. Installation of Film
  • First, place film against the window. Test the size to determine whether the film fully covers the glass or not.
  • Again, clean the window from inside by using the tint solution, but this time do not dry the windows.
  • The window has to be turned down by 2cm. Start at the top of the tinting film and peel off the backing film. Peel it before spraying it with tint solution.
  • Place the peeled area against the window and leave a space of 3mm at the top corner of the window. This process is useful because when you close the windows, it avoids the peeling of tint.
  • First, lay only 4 cm top of the tinting film against the window and for this procedure, use squeegee again to eliminate the air bubble out of the film.
  • Before placing the rest of the film against the glass allow the top section of the film to dry.
  • When it is dry, then remove the rest of the backing film and repeat the procedure.
  • Use a cloth to clean the window after the procedure of tinting. Do not press it too hard; allow it to set for a few hours.
  •  The steps mentioned above was the complete procedure for auto window tinting.

Types of Tinting

  1. Metallic Window Tinting

In metallic auto, window tinting film is metallic. It shields against heat and UV radiations. But because it is metallic, it also acts as a resistance against cell phone signals.  For those people who are a regular user of GPS on the road, then this type of window tinting isn’t right for them. 

  1. Infrared Window Tinting

Infrared films block the heat and UV rays too, but its rate of visibility is quite high. This type of tinting is perfect for those locations who take actions against tinting because it doesn’t make the windows look dark. Infrared window tinting lasts for a long time and does not peel off.

  1. Carbon Window Tinting

This type of auto window tinting was designed to resolves the issue of cell phone signal and other signal issues. Carbon films are not metallic so that one can use a phone and GPS easily. Carbon films are durable. They provide more protection against heat and UV rays than other types of tinting. 

  1. Coating Tinting

Procedure to apply this type of tinting is quite tricky. To do this type of tinting remove the windows before spraying tint. Professional assistance is needed to complete the procedure of coating window tinting.


Auto window tinting is easy to do at home; if one knows the law behind it. There are various types of auto window tinting which will protect your car against UV rays. Complete your kit for auto window tinting. Park your vehicle at a clean place like the garage or in any area which is clean, and step by step follow this guide for tinting. 


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