Different Types of Car Security Systems

Different Types of Car Security Systems

Your car is not only the means to mobilize but one of your most valuable tangible possessions. However, you can lose this asset of yours in the blink of an eye without even hearing a noise. Even your house is not entirely safe for robbers lurking in the neighborhoods looking to steal cars.

Thus, only a good security system ensures the safety of your car. Many companies are offering different types of car alarms and security systems and some are offering modern, high profile systems. However, you will only be able to find the right option for you when you have the knowledge of different types of car security systems available at the market.

Types of Car Security Systems

There are a number of ways you can classify a car security system. There are those which stop thieves to break into your car and those which stop them to take control of a car if the car is broken into. Here we are going to share the different types of car security systems for your knowledge.

Active and Passive Car Alarm Systems

Car alarms are the most common form of the car security system. An active or passive car alarm system is classified based on how it is set and triggered. You may have seen many people getting out of their car and pointing their key fobs towards the vehicle and making it beep by pushing some buttons on it. These are active car alarms system and you have to manually arm or disarm the alarm through a button on your key fob. If you do not lock your car or forget to make the beep sound after you get out, you run the risk of not knowing if someone is trying to steal your car.

Passive alarms are a bit different as they automatically turn on when to turn off the engine and take out the car keys from the ignition. Passive alarms can also be customized to such as to lock the wheels when someone breaks into the car but does not have the keys.   

Loud and Silent Car Alarms

These are also quite basic and famous. You must have heard a siren upon accidentally touching a car. Well, that is a loud car alarm. A loud audible wail goes off when someone tries to break into a car. You can hear it from quite a distance as well as the people in the vicinity that can help save your asset. These are frequently paired with active alarms.

While, on the other hand, silent alarms do their work silently and make no noise. If someone tries to temper a car, the alarm sends a signal to an electronic device held by the owner. It can be a special device developed by the company or your regular phone with the installed app. However, it comes with a little downside as people in the vicinity of your car cannot notice if some is trying to steal your car.

Tracking Systems

GPS tracking system is an advanced form of car tracking system that uses radio tracking to hunt down and recover stolen vehicles. The technology has the advantage of tracking cars in places where GPS fails. However, now there are also available car security devices using the same tracking technology to stop the thieves in their tracks. Small transceivers are concealed inside the car and are controlled and tracked by an outside source when tuned to the correct frequency.

The Cobra 8510 immobilizer is an example which disables various mechanisms of the engine necessary to start a car. Thus, shutting down the ignition, the system makes it exceedingly difficult to hotwire a car and start it without a key.  

Immobilizing Devices

These are the security systems that work when a thief has successfully broken into your car. However, he does not have the key, means he will have to hotwire it. This is where the immobilizing devices serve you and prevent the car from starting. Some examples are fuse cut-offs, kill switches, tire deflators, transponder keys and fobs, fuel or spark disablers.

Immobilizing devices can also directly be tied into a traditional car alarm and are also tied into tracking systems. Such as when the alarm goes off and someone attempts to drive off, it can trigger a fuel or spark disabler that will not let the engine to start in the first place or cause it to die.

These are some of the basic and widely used car security systems. Many companies are offering advanced and customizable solutions to strengthen the defense against theft. However, it depends on your needs and budget to purchase a security system that will work best for you.



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