Do You Hear Distortion In Your Car Speakers At High Or Low Volumes?

Do You Hear Distortion In Your Car Speakers At High Or Low Volumes?

It is safe to say that having a car stereo that produces high-quality music without any distortion makes a drive more enjoyable regardless of the distance. However, it becomes a huge problem if there are speakers installed in your car that have distortion at high and low volumes. 

You can invest in the most incredible set of speakers and pair them with an equally valuable audio unit. However, it could all be rendered useless if there is distortion when you play your favorite tunes. It mainly occurs due to a poorly finished installation process. Let’s take a look at some major reasons for distortion in a car stereo; 

  • There might be some sort of equipment malfunction.
  • It happens when excessive sound overloads the audio source. 
  • There’s distortion when speakers are unable to handle increased volumes of music. 
  • Speakers produce distorted sound when the amplifier is pushed beyond its operating limit.

You hear distortion when the original signal goes through a sudden negative change. It is vital to recognize the reasons behind this in order to tackle such a critical issue effectively. As a result, your car stereo will start producing clear audio that you desire while cruising on the streets. 

Let’s Talk About Solving Car Speaker Distortion 

Did discussing the possible causes of speaker distortion in your vehicle give you an idea of how to solve this problem? Here’s what you can do; 

Do not Use Bass Boosted Music 

You need to avoid playing bass boosted music on your car speakers as it tends to weaken them to a great extent. It causes frequent distortion by producing extra bass at high and low volumes, regardless of the quality of the audio system. One of the major reasons for this type of music to lead to distorted sounds is the use of software to make it. Even installing an amplifier would not come in handy if you keep playing bass boosted music. 

Install An Amplifier 

Research suggests that an amplifier proves pretty valuable in producing clean sound and high-power output. If you turn the volume of the car stereo down and increase the amplifiers instead, any prior distortions should go away. Everyone needs to realize the difference between the sound output of a standard stereo that has an amplifier and one that does not. 

Invest In Signal Processors Or An Equalizer

Another way of avoiding distortion in speakers is installing equalizers with at least 13 bands of equalization that are suitable for high voltage. You can easily place an equalizer on the dashboard or stereo receiver. 

Your car requires this customization since its interior absorbs and reflects the sound produced by the speakers. This ultimately causes poor quality output and distortion. Another item you need is a sound processor that improves the speakers’ bass response, allowing all the passengers to enjoy music on the road. 

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Download Or Stream High-Quality Music Files 

Poor quality audio files refer to compressed music, which inevitably contributes to weak high and low-frequency output. Many people do not realize the efficiency of their car stereo in picking up low-quality music files.

Consequently, this effective detection causes distortion at high or low volumes. Moreover, the sound quality of compressed music files is further weakened if there is an amplifier that enhances the audio output. Hence, make sure to download or stream high-quality music files to avoid distortion. 

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Install New Speakers 

It is not advisable to continue to use the factory speakers for a long time. Consistent usage wears them out after a while as they lose their power leading to distortion in sound output. 

You can try using a new system, but that will not prove beneficial. Therefore, experts recommend investing in a new set of speakers after a certain period. Make sure to install speakers that perform well with the rest of the audio system, i.e., the amplifiers, receiver, etc. 

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Manage The Bass From The Receiver Or Install A Subwoofer 

A study proves that setting the bass at +10 and treble at up to -5 produces excellent sound without any distortion. Although, you may still face this problem at a high volume. Here you have two options; keep the volume low or medium to enjoy the music or get a new subwoofer. 

The subwoofer will handle all the bass sounds in an efficient manner, solving the issue of distortion for eternity. You can keep the subwoofer in the trunk inside a well-designed box as it operates optimally afterward. 

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Final Words

These guidelines are likely to prove useful for anyone whose car speakers have been annoying them by producing unwanted distortion. Take assistance from a professional who knows of such things while installing a new audio system or making necessary adjustments to overcome this issue. 


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