Five Small But Important Things To Observe While Getting Fog Lights Installation

Five Small But Important Things To Observe While Getting Fog Lights Installation

A long drive on a rainy day is like a dream come true. Who doesn’t crave for it? But sometimes all this pleasure can turn into a pain in just a second, especially when you are driving in extreme weather.

Rain, ice, fog – nothing is good, not for only you, but also your car. Most of the time when an accident happens, it is because of these elements since the visibility area is ceased to less than 100m by fog, rain, or snow. Forget the new learners, even the proficient drivers can rarely manage to drive in such harsh weather conditions.

Thus to avoid highway accidents, car crashing, and road traffic injuries as well as to keep you and your vehicle safe, it is best to take protective measures. And what better investment can be other than installing fog lights in your car!

Why Fog Lights?

You may question the point in using fog lights when your car already comes with regular headlights. Why invest in something that seems to have the same purpose?

Regular lights, or as they are also called “daytime lights”, are made to illumine the road in dark. But sometimes in the snowy, rainy, or foggy climate, one can face difficulty in viewing the road as these particles in the air are mirrored by normal lights. This reflection leads to glare and “blinds” the eyes to see clearly.

While fog lights, instead of reflecting snow, rainwater, or fog, cut through them by simply directing a flat and wide light beam right above the surface of the road. Thus installing fog lights means more focus on the road surface, and less on foggy air: the narrow beam angle provides more a visible area which helps drivers drive carefully.

Important Things To Keep In Mind

No question fog lights are better. However, ease comes with caution, which means you still need to focus on certain things when getting fog lights installation. Keep reading to carefully understand them!

Beam Distance over Beam itself

The luminosity is measured in Lumens. Thus more Lumens mean more brightness. This depends on your requirements, though the average recommended light is 1500-2000 Lumens.

Though the pricing of fog lights vary based on their brightness, it is not the only thing important. You should not forget to consider the “distance” that the light will be covering on the road. The wide horizontal and short vertical ranges are considered good for fog lights as they have to cover the road-surface area more than the typical airy space.

The Game-Changer: Yellow Light

It would not be wrong to say that the color-temperature matters equally as the beam itself. While many people ignore this factor, it plays a vital role in the effective working of fog lights. Contrary to the common misconception that fog lights come only in yellow color, you will also have white or blue coloured lights while getting fog lights installation.

However, yellow colour-temperature is the most preferred one not only because it soothes the eyes but also in terms of physics: yellow rays tend to have longer wavelengths than the alternatives. Simply put, no matter how harsh the weather is, yellow rays will always find their way through it!

Do the fog lights you are thinking to buy have the right size to fit in your car? Ponder carefully upon this point to avoid the same mistake most people do: quickly buying the gadgets without properly measuring the size which later results in extreme problems as you cannot “cut” through your car to fit them. Hence, some previous homework is necessary. The best option is to look for universal size which can be placed in any vehicle without any hindrance.

Also, closely examine your car electrician system as some fog lights require whole kits to be installed. Make sure your vehicle has enough space to support all this.

Longer Durability

Everything that you add in your vehicle should be of premium quality. The same goes for fog lights installation. Always keep your eye on long-term benefits: durable fog lights may seem a bit pricy, they will also save you from later hectic.

As the last thing, you would like to happen to your lights is any sort of damage in the middle of nowhere: it is good to invest earlier than to regret later. LED fog lights are good to go, as they tend to last longer than Halogen ones which minimum have a lifespan of 18 months.


Yes, it matters! This last but not the least important point can ruin the sole purpose of installing fog lights; therefore pay special attention to it. The approximate level of fog is a minimum of two feet above the surface level. This implies that to see clearly in foggy, rainy, and snowy nights, the fog lights must be installed below two feet to illuminate the roads ahead. Otherwise, they will serve nothing and just cause glare.

Last But Not the Least

Installing fog lights may seem a difficult task at first, but at the end of the day, they are worth it. Especially if you live in areas with harsh weathers, fog lights can be the best thing you can invest in your car. Make sure the lights you choose are durable, cover a long distance and are adaptable to your vehicle!


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