How Does A Breathalyzer Prove Helpful In Preventing Deaths From Drunk Driving?

How Does A Breathalyzer Prove Helpful In Preventing Deaths From Drunk Driving?

Did you know research shows that 28 people die as a result of drunk driving in the United States of America every day? Statistics state that one person dies in drinking and driving cases every 52 minutes, leading up to more than 100,000 deaths per year. It goes without saying that individuals must not operate heavy machinery, like a vehicle, after consuming alcohol. 

History shows that the consequences of drunk driving are life-threatening and life-changing. What if you fatally hit someone with your car? Needless to say, the aftermath of such events once you come back to your senses are extensively traumatic. Hence, taking the cab home after having a fun night out with your friends is a sensible thing to do. 

A lot of times people do not pay much heed to their ability to function adequately, thinking that having one or two drinks will not affect them as much. However, this is rather irresponsible behavior as putting yourself and others at risk in such a manner rarely ends well. 

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Importance Of A Breathalyzer

According to the law, people aged 21 years or older must not drive a car or any other type of vehicle if they have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or higher as it is illegal. Anyone who fails to abide by the law can be jailed and sentenced accordingly. 

How does one find out their blood alcohol concentration levels? This is where a breathalyzer also known alcohol detector proves worthwhile. You can purchase them from the local markets or place an order online at any eCommerce website without facing difficulty. 

Those who like drinking socially must-have portable breathalyzers with them at all times. Law enforcement departments across the globe utilize these devices to ensure people are not breaking the law by driving under the influence. 

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A person cannot simply predict their blood alcohol concentration by assessing the number of shots they had. Therefore, using a breathalyzer to find out BAC accurately is the right thing to do. Individuals can analyze their breath alcohol level themselves to see if they should drive or not. 

Apart from driving, you may see them at festivals, workplaces with strict rules and regulation, formal events, educational institutes, etc. 

How Does An Alcohol Tester Work?

A breathalyzer has the latest technology that proves effective in finding out whether a person is fit to drive or not. Police officers worldwide consider its usage as it is an efficient piece of equipment that provides accurate results within a minute. 

A breathalyzer comes with an electrode (negatively charged electrode) and cathode (positively charged electrode). Ethanol is what we consume while drinking alcohol. A breathalyzer picks up the ethanol level in the blood when a person breathes into it. 

The water in the air reacts with the ethanol in your breath at the anode. Another reaction that takes place at the same time refers to the reduction of oxygen at the cathode. Consequently, an electrical current equal to the level of ethanol in your breath is produced. 

There are many types of breathalyzers, such as an Intoxilyzer, available out there. Each one works a bit differently but getting the one with a simple mechanism is advisable. 

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What Are The Advantages Of Using A Breathalyzer? 

There are many benefits of investing in a breathalyzer. Here’s what you need to know;

  • It is an inexpensive device easily available at online and local stores. 
  • As mentioned earlier, a breathalyzer is highly efficient and effective. 
  • It gives an accurate measurement of people’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) quickly. 
  • Breath testing is safer and faster than blood testing, which requires additional equipment. 
  • Using a breathalyzer is pretty easy and simple. It does not require any prior training. 
  • It does not make you vulnerable to infections or any other harm. 
  • A breathalyzer is a highly durable piece of modernized tool, making your spending profitable in the short and long run. 
  • It tells people if they are fit to drive or not by reading the alcohol levels in their bodies. This keeps the person safe from any fatalities while having numerous positive externalities. 

Final Words 

study shows that drunk driving causes more than 20% of the total car crashes. It is time to realize the consequences beforehand and invest in a Breathalyzer. Not only does this keeps you protected from harmful incidents, but it also accounts for others’ safety.


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