How Does A Houstonian Make Their Drive More Comfortable With Tinted Windows

How Does A Houstonian Make Their Drive More Comfortable With Tinted Windows

Who are Houstonians?

Are you a Houstonian? Are you planning to get tints for your car windows? A resident of Houston, a vastly diverse and populated area in Texas in the United States, is a Houstonian. If the sun’s been bothering you while driving, getting tinted windows is undoubtedly a favorable option. However, before you cruise off to the nearest auto shop or place an order online for car tints, learn about the laws made by the government organizations in Texas. It proves helpful in making sure you have no run-ins with the law-enforcement authorities while making your drive quite comfortable. 

Where does 'Houston' begin and end?

What Are Texas Car Window Tinting Laws? 

Like other states, Texas regulates such rules and regulations on the basis of Visible Light Transformation (VLT). This determines the amount of natural or visible light allowed inside a vehicle through the window and tint film. It is important to note that Texas has specific laws for each type of vehicle, including van, sedan, and SUV. Here are the window tint darkness requirements of various vehicles; 

  • Front Side Windows: The reflectiveness of these cannot be more than 25%. The rules also state that the front side windows must let more than 25% of VLT in. 
  • Back Side Windows: You can install tints with any amount of darkness, but they cannot be more than 25% reflective. 
  • Windshield: You can get tints with less than 25% reflection. However, tints with 25% VLT are allowed by the state.
  • Rear Window: There are no restrictions with this one, so you can easily install whatever suits your needs.
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Now that you are aware of how to stay under the cops’ radar let’s talk about the reasons for installing car window tints. There are a few exemptions, and you can read all about them here

How Does Car Window Tints Make Your Drive More Comfortable & Enjoyable? 

People install tints in their rides for a variety of reasons. Some want to have a little privacy while driving to work or elsewhere, while others simply don’t want the sun disturbing them on the road. A lot of individuals are getting dark tints to make their vehicles look chic and mysterious. Let’s discuss more in detail; 

  • Keeps You Safe: Car window tints can filter out at least 80% of UV rays emitted by the sun. These rays can otherwise have a noticeable impact on your skin as it causes aging. UV rays can also give birth to severe conditions like skin cancer. Tints also promote a healthier lifestyle by keeping your eyes safe from the bright headlights and taillights of other vehicles. 
  • Keeps You Comfortable: Your car’s interior does not heat up if it is parked in a place where the sun directly shines upon it. There is also a reduced strain on your car’s air conditioner. The inside gets cool quickly, and the tints maintain the temperature efficiently. All of this contributes to making your ride comfortable while giving everyone in the car enough privacy. 
  • Acts As Additional Safeguard During Accidents: The tint film keeps the glass of the windows from shattering if you get into an accident. It is safe to say that the tints serve as a protective layer that keeps the glass intact upon impact. Every passenger can get out of the car safely without hurting themselves. 
  • Improves Your Driving Experience: A bright glare can adversely affect your vision, while heated up interiors can lead to a negative attitude. These two factors can irritate and distract the driver putting everyone in jeopardy. Having tinted windows reduces such vulnerabilities to a great extent, enabling the driver to focus on the road and reach the destination without any mishaps. 
  • Prevents Rapid Deterioration Of Your Ride: Every owner holds their car close to heart. No one wants to see their vehicle lose its shine faster than necessary. Car window tints protect the plastic parts and the rest of the upholstery of the interior from getting cracks or faded. Reduced strain on the air conditioning unit boosts the engine’s life and conserves fuel. As a result, the interior remains new for a long time, and the engine keeps on performing desirably due to the tint films. 

It is advisable to do thorough research before purchasing car window tints. Check the auto parts shop or visit online marketplaces to find fairly priced products. 

The Laws of Car Tints: A Guide to Car Tinting in the 50 States

Final Words

Houstonians also have to get their cars inspected after installing tints. There is a tint meter that checks if you are legal or not. In order to pass this inspection successfully, abide by the regulations discussed in the beginning. Research suggests that a 5% is the darkest legal tint a Houstonian can install in their car. From black to gray, you can use any color of tint that suits your preference. Are you ready to give your vehicle a new, elegant look? 


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