How Is Checking Your Car’s Tire Pressure Helpful?

How Is Checking Your Car’s Tire Pressure Helpful?

Have you ever faced a situation where your tires are punctured, and you are stuck on highway waiting for the emergency services to come to rescue you? Do you know how to change the tires of your car? I am sure that a lot of people would say no to the second question and yes to the first one. 

A basic phenomenon which we all should be aware that tires tend to overinflate in summers and deflate quickly in winters. It is essential to know how to check the pressure of your tires and get a refill of air pressure. 

What will it do? For starters, it will save your time which is already limited and help you drive smoothly to your destination. The first step you should take is to get an accurate tire gauge to check the air pressure at least once a month. 

Underinflated tires can wear out quickly, forcing you to get a new set, so it is better to keep a check if you wish to save money. Moreover, an underinflated tire will reduce the fuel efficiency of the car, costing you nothing but more of your salary. A properly pressurized tire, according to the manufacturers, will keep the performance of your vehicle at its best. 

However, if you are still not convinced, then let’s take a look at some of the advantages a driver has if his/her tires are correctly pressurized. 


Your car will maintain its alignment regardless of the road conditions minimizing the chances of getting off track. It will increase the durability of your tires and give you a smooth driving experience. 


The properly pressurized tire can save you a lot of money that could, otherwise, be spent on replacing those tires. How? An underinflated tire will tread and is likely to burst under rough road conditions. In case you hit a pothole with an uneven tire, you will need to get a replacement within a week or immediately.


When tires are evenly pressurized, the level of carbon a car emits decreases giving positive effects on the environment. 


When a tire is underinflated, the vehicle seems to go in another direction if you leave the steering while driving. There is a risk of running in other cars nearby if you are not focused. Hence, that risk would no longer exist with well-pressurized tires as your handling will increase. 


The simple logic is that underinflated tires mean that the car will require additional force to move. Therefore, your fuel would run out much quicker than it usually does. Instead of stopping at gas stations frequently, it is better to get your tires’ air pressure filled suitably. 


Experts believe that if tires are not rightly pressurized, the anti-lock braking system (ABS) of cars do not function accordingly. Failure of brakes can have adverse outcomes that can also be fatal in some situations. It is better to spend a couple of cents or dollars on the maintenance of your tires. 

These are a few benefits you will have if you are responsible enough to check your tires before going out. Otherwise, your tires may burst at the wrong time and could ruin your whole day in a matter of seconds. 


The benefits seem very convincing, but if you do not know about how to check the air pressure of your car’s tires, then what the use is? The first thing you need to do is purchase a tire gauge that gives an accurate reading. 

You can get it from an auto parts shop, or it is also available on online websites. Which option you choose to go with depends on your budget but make sure to check if it is working correctly. 

There are digital tire gauges which are expected to give the most accurate readings, but you can also get a stick and an analogue one. If possible, get the one with a light in the display so you can use it at night as well. 

As far as the prices are concerned, this product is quite affordable and does not put much pressure on your budget. Almost all of the gas stations have this facility available, but keeping your own could help you check the air pressure anywhere at any time. 

The next step is to understand how to use the tire gauge without hurting your tires. You need to turn the cap of your tire counterclockwise to remove it and then put the indicator on the valve of your tire. 

It will give you a reading on the display which you can compare with the suggested reading by the manufacturer. Whether you need to put more air or take some out depends on the actual reading and the recommended one. Once you are done, put the cap back on the valve by turning it in a clockwise direction. 

Note: It is normal to hear a hissing sound while putting the gauge against the tire’s valve to check the air pressure.


Some people are scared of damaging their tires while checking the air pressure, hence, here are a few things that can happen but are still solvable; 

  1. While being nervous as they review the air pressure, they do not put the gauge fully on the valve of the tire. As a result, the reading shown can be inaccurate, which in turn would lead you to take an incorrect step. Gently put the gauge and do not be afraid of damaging the tires. 
  2. While checking the tires that are already installed in your car, you might forget the one in the trunk, i.e. the spare tire. Having a usable spare tire coupled with the knowledge of replacing tires can be helpful in stressful situations. 
  3. Tires tend to get hot after a long drive; hence, you must wait for them to cool down before you can get a reading. It is better to check them before driving, or you will have to wait 2-3 hours before you can use the gauge. 
  4. You may be unaware of the fact that front and rear tires have different air pressure needs as they perform different functions. Hence, make sure to get the correct readings for all the tires before deciding to get a refill or let some air out. 
  5. While putting air in your tires, make sure to keep your eye fixed on the meter as well. In case you are distracted, there is a risk of putting too much air in it which will cause it to burst. It should be noted that it is possible your tire would not burst out instantly as you overinflate it. It can burst out while driving, causing the car to crash badly depending on your speed. The results could be fatal, so be attentive when filling your tire to stay safe.


  • Do people often ask how often they should check their tires to be on the safe side? It depends on the distance you travel regularly and the conditions of the roads you drive on usually. It is suggested that drivers should check the tires once a month but doing it once in 2 weeks in the morning or after a long day out can prove to be more helpful. 
  • What are you going to do if your tires run out of the air in the middle of a highway? Waiting for the emergency services will only waste your time that could be spent doing something enjoyable. Hence, purchase an air pump online or from a local auto parts store so you can fill up whenever you wish. 
  • Watch out for deep potholes and speed breakers while driving. Why? It will warn you to either drive away from the potholes or drive smoothly over them without damaging your tires. Do not go over the speed breakers quickly as the jump will hurt the tires and the axle of your car. 


Doing regular checks to see if your car’s tires need air pressure can not only save you a great deal of money and time; it can also save your life. Cars are expensive, and tire replacement is not cheap either. An average person with a limited salary needs to keep it to pay his/her monthly bills so frequent replacements due to carelessness can be a burden. 

It is suggested to get a branded set of tires as a one-time investment and run proper maintenance checks on a regular basis. Spend some money on a tire gauge to stay updated with the air pressure as well as an air pump to get out of troublesome situations. Drive carefully on rough roads to enjoy driving on smoother trails. I am sure you are very fond of your ride and taking care of something you love is in human nature.  


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