How Many Different Types of Speaker Boxes and How to Opt the Right One?

How Many Different Types of Speaker Boxes and How to Opt the Right One?

One thing to keep in mind is that not every speaker box is suitable for your car. The selection of the right speaker box for your car will be based on the following three factors:

  • The space available in your car, and/or the additional space you’ll be investing in your speaker box.
  • The type of your speaker as some enclosures is specifically manufactured for certain types.
  • Your music taste and whether the amplifier is capable of producing notes according to it, as a different type of speaker boxes can have a slight difference for each sound. 

Thus, you must carefully examine both your car and speaker enclosure to get the most suitable speaker box.  Here are the three major types of speaker enclosures.

Sealed/Closed box

As suggested by the name, the sealed enclosure is an air-tight, compact, box designed exclusively for tight, accurate bass. The only opening point is made for the speaker’s head. Since the air isn’t allowed to go out of the box, it bounces back inside the box which helps in controlling the pressure with the movement of the speaker.

This type of enclosure is compatible with most car stereos, however, requires additional power than other enclosure types. In such a case, an amplifier with abundant wattage is excellent for sealed boxes to play higher volumes. Besides, it doesn’t take much space and thus, is a perfect option for even small-sized cars.

Ported/Bass Reflex Box

This type of speaker enclosure will be best for you if your music taste ranges from heavy metal to rock. Ported boxes differ from sealed ones in many ways, especially when it comes to the output. In contrast with closed enclosures which require a high-wattage power, these are capable of delivering more forceful bass at any wattage provided.

Another point that adds to their popularity is heat control. Since air is allowed to pass through the box, it prevents the machine from overheating, and thus you can enjoy music on long drives as well. The only downside of this enclosure is the complexity, as they are not only bigger but also can be a bit tricky to install.

Band Pass Box

The last one is the band pass enclosure, a type that is designed by using both sealed and ported cambers. The sealed chamber is closed while the ported one is opened. Since the speaker is fitted inside the walls, the sound can only come out through the ported side. Suitable for both speakers and subwoofers, this enclosure works best with rap and hard rock music.

When it comes to frequency range, a band pass box delivers extra pitched sound with a narrowed response. Be aware that this type operates effectively for specific frequencies and thus may not be the best option for you. Also, they are extremely difficult to install without professional assistance, which eventually means more expenses.


Hopefully, now you know different types of speaker boxes and at what frequencies they work best. The sealed ones are the simplest and fit most cars. While the other two, ported and band pass, take some time and effort to design and install. Also, the former one offers clean sounds but when it comes to louder frequencies, nothing can beat ported and band pass enclosures. Just as importantly, the band pass box works better if you have a sub woofer. Choosing a speaker box for your car isn’t a highly complex task. However, whatever type you go for, the most important thing to keep in mind is the “room” available in your car. Next comes your music taste because that’ll define the most suitable speaker box for you!


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