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Constant visits to car repair shops spending hundreds of bucks just to temporarily fix your damaged and broken car is no fun. Yet it happens a lot, especially if the real problem is continually ignored: a tragic car is a sign of nothing but neglect.

Maintaining the car isn’t a child’s play but a responsibility that must be fulfilled with diligent care and attention. Your car is an expensive investment and requires rest and care as much as it offers you relish and comfort.

So, let’s explore some of the basic yet fundamental car maintenance tips to help you get most of your car for the longest time possible!

How to Maintain Your Car

1.    Get a hold of the User’s Manual

When it comes to taking care of a car, most problems have simple solutions but what makes the situation complicated is ignorance. Which explains why everyone should give a close read to their car’s manual.

A user’s manual is included in any car. It’s a large book that’s usually held in the glove compartment. However, it is more likely you’ll find an eBook for your car’s manual in the modern-day and age.

Take some time and understand the precautions, suggestions, tips and tricks mentioned in your car’s user’s manual and stay in touch with the manufacturer.

Also, although car maintenance tips are universally applicable on all vehicles, it is possible that your car needs extra care and precautions depending on what model it is. Keep a check on that too.

2.    Be Careful While Driving

Whether going to the office or coming back home from a party, driving seems like an everyday task. But little did you should know that a little care every time you sit on the driving seat can play a key role in securing your car’s health. Have a look at these car maintenance tricks:

  • Keep your car engine steady in initial driving.
  • Try not to be a racer and slowly increase your speed.
  • If you live in a hot region, it is better to park your car in a shady place as the hot season will warm the engine resulting in oil combustion.
  • When in winters, use a plastic cover to protect your car.
  • Do not abruptly start, stop or turn your car.
  • Be gentle with the steering wheel as fierce movement can damage it.
  • Do not drive over objects that can harm the tires.
  • Make sure you give enough time to your vehicle to cool down before re-driving.

3.    Regulate Oil Level

Checking the oil level frequently can save your car from dysfunction every now and then. This is because oil’s primary purpose is to lubricate the interior i.e., mechanical components. It prevents them from wear and tear and maintains the temperature by removing all the heat through the oil filter.

Thus, to keep all the sound functioning of the car going, you should check the oil level twice or thrice a week to top off when needed. Clean the nuts and bolts with neat clothe and examine carefully. In case of any leakage, consult a professional immediately.

4.    Keep an Eye on Tire Pressure

Maintaining proper tyre pressure keeps you safe while still saving you money. Tires that are incorrectly inflated — either over-inflated or under-inflated — would not perform well or stop when you press brakes. They can cause accidents and raise the likelihood of a bursting, thus resulting in car combustion.

However, properly inflated tyres have a long lifetime and maximize engine performance. Yet, the ratio changes depending on distance travelled or temperature change.

One of the best car maintenance tricks is to review your tires every time at a gas station. But since it is less possible in the hustle-bustle of life, it is recommended to at least check the tire pressure at the start or end of the day.

Early morning is the perfect time to review tires since they are cool and have had enough time to rest. Use a tire pressure gauge and see if more air is needed. Also, never over-fill them. Read the user’s manual to find out the recommended pressure level for your car tires and avoid exceeding the limit.

5.    Clean Your Car

Though it is recommended daily, a weekly clean-up is also good. Following are all the necessary things you should do to make the most of your car. Fix a day beforehand in your week when you don’t have to use your car.


However, you should keep sober, gentle clothe in your car, and dust off any debris every time you enter it. Don’t forget to clean the dashboard, steering, glove compartment, seats, and even the inside of windows. This keeps the vehicle contaminants free and secure.


As for the exterior, wash your car every week. Do not skip it otherwise, impurities and harsh elements will home of it. Start the cleaning from the top and then gradually come step by step to the lower side. Remove the dirt first, including all the doors, windshield, headliner, and trunk. Then use water and even a soap that is harm-free to the tint or paint. After the cleaning is done, wipe off with neat clothe and let the car dry in the air for some time. Then secure it with the cover.

Lastly, avoid using your car for at least twelve hours after thoroughly cleaning it.

Bottom Line

With the right tips and tricks, you can avoid the constant wreckage and frustration caused by car deterioration. Maintenance of the car is a diverse topic, yet it can be summarised as few steps only if you spend some time reading and understanding your car’s user’s manual.

Remember, your car is not just a mechanical transportation means, but a proper machine that needs proper care and attention to work well not just temporarily but also in the long run.

Lastly, be gentle while using your car, whether driving or cleaning. Protecting it from the harsh atmosphere is another step to sound car maintenance.


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