How to stay alert about your far away parked car?

How to stay alert about your far away parked car?

Staying Alert About Your Far Away Parked Car


Our cars are a very important asset that we build in our life. After our home, it is the most important investment we make. We must install gadgets that make us less worried about our car parked far away from us.

Your automobile is your ticket to anyplace in the country, including shopping, sightseeing, and other activities. You must park securely to avoid damage or theft to your vehicle wherever you travel. Even if you drive and park responsibly, leaving your vehicle alone puts it at risk. 

Automobile Safety Tips & Devices

Parking securely on busy streets is extremely difficult, especially driving a fancy vehicle. You may be vulnerable to theft or vandalism in addition to unintentional harm.

Desperate criminals can target regions with little crime, and break-ins are common in tourist-heavy areas. Although you can’t account for every conceivable danger, you may take some proactive efforts to limit unintentional and deliberate damage. 

Here are some of our top auto safety advice and devices for parking on busy roadways anywhere:

Completely secure your vehicle 

When you lock your car using your portable remote control, you eliminate the immediate possibility of someone breaking in and taking your belongings. However, please double-check that your car’s alarm is turned on after you’ve locked it. 

Look for a unique button on your car keys to switch the alarm on or off, or see the owner’s handbook for further information. While you’re gone, you may use a car cover to keep the interior as cool as possible. 

Tire Clamp for Security

This tire clip tightly wraps around your wheel, preventing any chance of theft. It may be adjusted to fit vehicles, motorbikes, trucks, and scooters. There is no installation required. 

It also comes with two keys, so you still have the other if you lose or damage one. 

Because of its bright red and yellow hues, this anti-theft gadget will serve as a visual deterrent!

Mini GPS Tracker

If your automobile is stolen, the most difficult part is regaining possession of it. And dealing with insurance companies is a nerve-racking ordeal. It is better to be safe than sorry. So here is a technique to keep your automobile secure without putting in too much effort or money. 

The Mini GPS tracker will save your life with its tiny and compact design. It pinpoints the precise location of your car regardless of its location. With this modest yet effective device, you will be able to learn where your automobile is parked at the moment!

Car Security Alarm

Suppose someone is tampering with your automobile while away from home; you will need a detector. This keyless car alarm system allows you to lock and unlock your vehicle and safeguard it.

Two five button remotes, a control module, a wire harness, a siren, and an LED indicator light are all part of this system. If the thief chooses your car, they will instantly regret it!

CarLock Warning System 

It is one of the most effective ways to safeguard your vehicle. Car Lock will protect your automobile over the night so that you can sleep soundly now. Almost everyone has a car alarm, but CarLock is more than simply an alarm system.

It watches your vehicle and gives you a message when a suspicious event happens. It ensures that it is for a serious reason when you are roused from your slumber! It displays the driver’s monthly score, allowing it to identify the car’s most trusted driver. The automobile then recognizes and informs you if another person attempts to drive it.

The Dash Cam

We use cameras to keep our homes secure. So why not utilize the same technology to keep our automobiles safe? 

The dashcam produces 1080p sharp and vivid recordings even in low-light circumstances. With its G-sensors, it is not just a camera but also a criminal detector. 

It tracks any unexpected incidents such as theft, shattered windows, and so on. The front camera may be swiveled 360° to provide a comprehensive view of the vehicle.

Steering Wheel Security

Meet the most recent addition to the club. Thousands of automobiles are reported stolen in the United States and other countries every day. So it would help if you had a high-quality solution to keep your vehicle safe.

Thieves aren’t sluggish, but it doesn’t matter how fast they are since this wheel lock will stop them. The steering wheel lock is attached to the steering wheel and protects it from damage.


We have our major chunk of money invested in cars. We should take care of this investment as nicely as we can.  In this scenario, we should first get our cars fixed with trackers and all the essential stuff that will help prevent any break-ins. Gadgets that are there for security purposes. These all gadgets are available on your favorite KatyKar.

At KatyKars, you will have all the latest and state-of-the-art gadgets in the market with all new features that will save your cars any theft. Here at KatyKars, we have the best team to guide you the best in every manner. To install all these in your car, get your appointment now! Call Us.


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