Ideas for Improving Car Audio System

Ideas for Improving Car Audio System

A long drive in your car can be a great place to enjoy music, but due to some mistakes that might have happened during the installation process, that prevent the audio system from reaching its full potential. In this article, we will give you some tips and tricks that you must consider before buying a new car audio system plus some suggestions on how to improve the quality of sound in your car.

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips that you must consider before buying a new speaker:-

  1. It is important to check the dimensions of already installed speakers so that the new one can easily fit into the specified place.
  2. It is important to check the quality of speakers before buying. Make sure that the speakers have fabric cones fitted in it rather a paper cone.
  3. Select the speaker with trim packages that not only sounds good but also look good too.
  4. Closely analyze the power requirements of the new speaker because this factor will affect both the quality of sound as well as wiring.

Suggestions for Improving Car Audio System:

Here is a list of suggestions that work for both sophisticated systems as well as simple factory setups.

  1. Replace Speakers From Your Car:

If the quality of sound in your car is not up to your requirements then a simple replacement of speakers to your car audio system will yield noticeable outcomes. You will definitely feel a big difference in the quality of sound by installing a standard set of speakers.

  1. Select Good Quality Music Files

It is suggested to make changes in the default settings of the audio system when while creating your music files. Use little compression if you are using sources like iPod, Android phone, MP3 player etc. the quality of sound depends upon the bit rate, so the higher it is the better your favorite music will sound. On the other hand, if you stream music then change the settings in the application that you are using.

  1.     Bypass Your Audio System DAC Converter

It is the job of DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) to convert digital information 0’s and 1’s into an analog signal. Your car audio system is working as a Smartphone, so it’s built-in DAC, can do a fine job when listening music from earbuds but it’s unable to provide that level of quality that you can gain from advanced DAC’s in better car audio systems available in the market.

  1.     Add Amplifier In Your Audio System

No matter how powerful your speakers are, but you will experience its best results when you add an amplifier. A separate amplifier will give more quality and power to your music as compared to the ordinary car stereo. You will definitely feel a difference like a day and night once you add an amplifier. So it is suggested to add an amplifier because it is the key to experiencing great sound in your vehicle.

  1. Place Your Speaker in a Sub Box

It is important to place your speakers in a well-designed sub box rather than installing it in your door panels. Make sure to have accurate measurements of the sub box otherwise the quality of sound becomes worse and gives poor performance.

  1.     Set the Gain Of An Amplifier Properly

There is a misconception that gain control can control the volume of an audio system but actually, it adjusts the input signal coming into the amplifier. If the gain is too high then you will hear the distorted sound. It is suggested to turn the volume of your system ¾ of the maximum volume, and then adjust the gain knob of amplifier until you hear distortion. Once the sound becomes distortion free it means the gain knob is rightly adjusted.

  1. Use Quality Cables For Amplifier

It is suggested to use good quality of power cables so that current can flow smoothly and produce quality sound. High-quality cables give better flow of signal from the receiver to the amplifier so that you can hear the pleasant and clear sound. Moreover, quality cables will also reject noise signals that are produced by the electrical system of the car.

Hope you find this article useful in getting all the important information related to the innovative ideas for improving car audio system for all types of vehicles in Houston TX.



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