Important Things You Should Check on Your Car Regularly


It’s hard to decide what matters more: your safety or your car’s functionality. Little did you know that the two are interrelated to the extent that any lack of care in one would lead to the ruin of others.

The better maintained a vehicle, the smoother it functions and thus, doesn’t fail to at the time of need. Yet to top-notch your car’s experience while keeping it sound and working isn’t a piece of cake. It requires great care and attention, which doesn’t seem very practical in today’s busy world.

So, what you should do instead is to check on your car regularly. It doesn’t only help eliminate any mild or severe error on time, but also saves the vehicle from long-term deterioration. Not to forget the unnecessary costs you’d be forced to spend when your car damages suddenly!

Here are the top best regular car maintenance tips and tricks which you – though better before every driving session – should check in the morning!

Read user manual

What you may not realize is that a big portion of the information you’d find scattering on the web is already present in your car’s user manual. A detailed reading would be enough to give you all the necessary insights about your vehicle from daily to weekly and even monthly or yearly maintenance.

The user manual is a user guide that you get while purchasing your car. If you didn’t get one or you’ve lost it, it is most likely that an eBook will be available on your car’s manufacturer’s site. It is also recommended to stay in contact with your car’s manufacturer to get assistance when necessary.

Regular car maintenance

Now is the time to explore those hands-on secrets that keep your car tip-top even after a considerable time. Let’s jump right into our daily car check-up list:

1.     Engine Oil levels

Who knows when your car stops in the middle of nowhere only to find out it ran out of oil! It’s also surprising to note that an insufficient oil level can result in ineffective engine functioning for a long time. This explains why checking your car’s oil is the first thing you should do in a car maintenance session.

Not necessarily before a long trip, but even the short ones like going to the grocery store or hitting the gym should include a quick examination of engine oils!

2.     Tire Pressure level

Another important thing not to be missed! Had you been a victim of an underinflated or overinflated tire, you would never start your car again without checking the pressure in each tire.

Not having enough atmospheric pressure in the tire can lead to tire deterioration sooner than expected, lest not forget the abrupt slipping off, drifting, and even bursting off imprecisely pressured tires.

3.     Coolant check-up

If one part in your car keeps it from bursting, it is undoubtedly the coolant. Its job includes cooling the engine and not letting it get too hot, lubricating the constantly moving parts to avoid coarseness. It also plays a key role in preserving the sound state of other parts of the engine, including the cylinder, piston, water pump, and head gasket.

In a nutshell, adding coolant to your daily car check-up list can prove to be profitable in the long run!

4.     Brake pads

The last thing you would want in a situation of life and death is the failure of the brakes. But had you been giving them proper time and care; they wouldn’t betray in such moments of crisis. Pre-checking your brakes before initiating the drive can save you a lot at the end of the day: no car accidents, no expenses at repair shops, and who knows, no hospital bills whatsoever!

You should also examine the handbrake and ensure it’s in the best state possible. While keeping an eye on brake fluids adds even more safety!

5.     Lights & side mirrors

You’re not going to visit a vampire, are you? Then why keep your car front and backlights uncared while you can and should examine them daily. See if they are illuminating properly and are rightly adjusted. More crucial if you are driving at night, lights become an essential – which explains you shouldn’t confine their check-up to mornings only!

Next, come to the side mirrors – as significant as car lights. Whether driving on an empty road or in traffic, side mirrors actively play their key role in giving you a good view of your surroundings. See if they aren’t loose and fix them rightly. You should also clean them if they are blurred due to snow, water, or even debris.

6.     Windshield wipers

Window wipers count if you live in an extreme atmospheric area or suspect any change in weather. Though you can switch to weekly check-ups instead of regular car maintenance for this part, it’s recommended to at least observe the working of windscreen wipers before going on a drive.

Also, since the wipers are most prone to harsh elements, including dirt, debris, snow, air, and water, you should clean them frequently, even daily, if the weather is bad for multiple days.

Bottom line

Regular car maintenance is a must for every car. It keeps it anew and sound for a long time, otherwise don’t be surprised with frequent visits to repair shops.

While a weekly and monthly car maintenance routine does seem more manageable, just checking a few things in the morning or before driving can contribute a lot to the sound condition of a car.

This daily car check-up includes observing and examining everything from the engine to coolant and oil levels and tire pressure level and brake fluids. As for the exterior, don’t forget to test your brakes, front and rear lights, and windscreen wipers. Also, fix your car mirrors, and if possible, clean them to remove any blur.

Lastly, stay in contact with your car’s manufacturer and read the user manual to know more about your car!


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