Interior Of Your Car For Summers

Interior Of Your Car For Summers

A hot car is not only uncomfortable but also causes harm to your health. Whether your car is parked under a shade or sun, as soon as you open the doors to sit in, a heavy cloud of heat envelops you. It is due to the greenhouse effect that your car will always be hotter than the outside temperature. In this article, we will tell you what are the main reasons that cause the interior of your car get hot this summer and what are the useful remedies to keep it cool and stay away from this hazard.

Why interior of Car becomes hot in summer?

The light rays coming from the sun have a shorter wavelength so they can easily pass through glass windows.  As these unwanted sun rays strike the car’s dashboard, carpet, and seats, they absorb all those UV rays and radiate it back with longer wavelengths which are difficult to cross the glass window. As a result, hot air is trapped inside your car and you experience a heavy cloud of heat every time you sit in the car. According to the research of the National Weather Service, in summer the temperature of the dashboard can reach up to 1080 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.  

How to keep your car cool in this hot summer?

Here is the list of remedies that you should try in order to keep your car’s interior cool and comfortable in this hot summer.

  1. Provide an escape route to the trapped air:

You can keep your car’s interior cool by providing a crack on your windows, in this way air won’t be trapped inside your car and keeps escaping through a crack. However, opening the windows halfway can also keep the car much cooler than a crack but it would also increase the chance of thieves to break in the car.

  1. Reflect Sun rays using Windshield:

The first remedy is not the only way to keep your car cool, you can also do this by using a windshield. It can reflect sunlight back out your window before the interior of car absorbs the heat. Sun shades successfully get this job done and reduce the temperature of a car by 15 degrees to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  As the interior of the car gets cool with sun shades, the car become so comfortable to sit in and allowing drivers to touch steering and gear without burning their hands.

  1. Protect your dashboard and seat by covering it:

Dashboard and seats not only absorb heat but also fade the quality and color with the passage of time. Therefore it is suggested to cover your dashboard and seats with cloth covers so that you become able to sit in your car without burning your legs and hands.

  1. Use Door trick:

What is the door trick? All you have to do is to open the driver side door, open passenger side window and repeat the process of opening and closing the driver’s door several times quickly. In this way, the air will recirculate quickly thus making your car’s interior cool and comfortable enough to sit in.


It is commonly observed that the interior of the car become 10 to 20 degrees warmer as compared to the outside temperature. We hope you find this article useful and gained all the useful information regarding the factors that make your car hot and easy tips and tricks to avoid this problem.  Have cool and comfortable summers this year and beat the heat using the above-mentioned remedies.


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