Is It Pointless to Install Navigation Units into Your Car?

Is It Pointless to Install Navigation Units into Your Car?

In this world of technology and technological advancements, many innovations are made every now and then in many areas.

One of those area is car navigation systems.

What is GPS?

Car Navigation System, also known as GPS, stands for Global Positioning System. In this system, various satellites are orbiting the surface of the earth. These satellites send signals to the specific device that is installed in any vehicle.

The GPS system is basically owned by the Gov. of USA. In GPS system, there are three steps that are involved in the whole process. One is the satellites, second is the ground stations and in last comes the receiver.

Is GPS Reliable or Not?

This system of the satellite’s is now reliable today from than ever before because as for today, 29 satellites are operational in the Earth’s orbit only for the USA and many other operational for other countries.

In this regard, the countries are upgrading and making significant changes to make the system of the satellites more accurate. Today, a driver can mark and find its location on the map with the help of car navigation system with the accuracy of less than 5 feet. This can really describe the reliability of this particular technology.

GPS also provides the real location to the aircrafts and vehicles which allow them to see their vehicles moving in the real time with absolute accuracy.

Uses of GPS in the Vehicle

In this era of mass construction and long distances and destination, there are not many means to find and work out where you want to go and much time it will take to reach the particular destination.

In this regard, car navigation system comes to the rescue of the driver. It enables the driver to locate the location of the destination from every side of the world. It takes only some seconds for the driver to process the information of the destination. GPS is nowadays too accurate and gives the driver full authority on selecting and managing all its destinations with pin point accuracy.

Now a days, it is necessary for the driver to install the GPS system in the car because the network of roads and location is becoming complex day by day. If the driver wants to drive on its own, it is frequently found that the driver is making wrong turns due to complexity of the roads and due to which it is a loss of time, energy and money.

GPS is fast and easy to use. Even a layman can adjust and learn the GPS system in no time. This is becoming more and more essential every day.

Advantages of GPS

GPS was first developed to assist the military department of defense in conducting different types of operation, but as the time progressed, it was involved in much other applications like aircrafts, navy and other vehicles and slowly progressed towards the inclusion of commercial vehicles.

Today, many of the lifesaving services are taking the help of GPS services to locate the nearest assistance. 

Drawbacks of GPS

Apart from many advantages of the car navigation system, it comes with a few cons as well.

GPS is very accurate but it is not accessible in the remote locations where the signals of the satellite cannot reach. It fails to connect the satellites and make any contact with it and this can possibly strand the driver or user in some stranded areas of the country. It can be very dangerous for the driver.

Secondly, the application of the GPS is minimized in underwater or underground situations.

GPS system is not free and takes a significant amount of money from the user. In addition to this, you also have to buy some plans to keep this working that can damage the routine of your expenses.

Car navigation systems are not always 100% updated. It can be a case that the GPS system makes you to take a wrong turn resulting in a long unwanted journey.


Concludingly, just like every other product the car navigation system has its own pros and cons in today’s world where it assists the driver very much or sometime the driver has to face some unexpected stranded situations.

It gives you real time accuracy but sometimes fails to connect with the satellites. So, it can be said that it is in a state of equilibrium in respect to its application. No doubt, it gives control to the user and makes things for the user but on the other hand, it is also heavy on the pocket.

SO, what do you think about GPS? It is worth it to spend a considerate chunk of money on it and buying its plans? Or rather you will go without it? Comment and let us know what do you think.


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