Is Your Car AC Ready to Face the Summer?

Is Your Car AC Ready to Face the Summer?

Summer is coming, and the last thing you want is that your car AC stops working. Nothing can be worse than your AC giving hot air in the summers. You can follow some simple steps to ensure that your AC operates properly. Even though it was working last summer, some parts can stop working in the winter. 

Therefore, you must check the following factors before the summer hits.

Recharge the refrigerator

If your air conditioner is not working, it might be due to the leakage of the refrigerator. The refrigerator works to eradicate heat. So, it would be best if you recharge the refrigerator. 

Coolant flush

Furthermore, it would help if you flush the coolant before the summer starts. The coolant helps to protect your engine from freezing in the winter and warming up in the summer. If the coolant level decreases, the engine will not get warm up quickly. Cleaning the coolant will remove the dust. You can also replace it to improve proficiency of the engine.

Irregular functioning of the compressor

The compressor is the heart of the car AC. Many factors that cause improper operation of the compressor. It could be due to a low level of refrigerant, an electrical fault in the compressor, or due to overheating. 

If there is any problem in the car, then the car will turn off automatically to prevent further damage. The air conditioner is the first system that will stop working. If the compressor is not working, you should call your mechanic.

Freon leak

Freon leak does not occur immediately. It is a slow leak. Freon is a chemical that works to cool the air. If Freon leakage occurs, then your car AC will not work. Checking for a Freon leak can help to solve AC problems.

Check for mal-functioning

When you turn on your air conditioner at the start of the season. Does it make an unusual sound? Your air conditioner should not bang. If this happens, it might be due to malfunctioning.

Refrigerant Check

Refrigerant is an integral part of a car’s engine. And liquid refrigerant must remain dry. If it is wet. It can produce hydrochloric acid, which is damaging to the engine. You can examine the refrigerant level by looking into sight glass. 

The liquid should be clear. When the liquid turns milky or bubbly. It means that water or air has entered into your refrigerator. You need a mechanic to correct it.

Effective system use

Sometimes, you are not using your air conditioner effectively. During city driving or while sitting in traffic, opening your windows works accurately, then turning on the air conditioner. Regulating your settings based on the external environment can be very smart. If the air is humid, recirculating the cooled air is more effective and will make your car’s environment more pleasant.

Turn off the auto system

In the latest cars, the ACs turn off automatically when the engine is not working. This might help to save fuel. However, you might not like this feature if it is blisteringly hot. So, turn this feature off.

Change the filter

You need to check if the car’s air filter is clean or accumulating dirt. If the filters are grubby and dirty, you need to change them.

Pump out more while driving

When you are driving, the AC will work effectively because the compressor runs fast with the working engine. Turning on the AC before driving will be a wastage of fuel and time. Open the passenger seat windows to blow hot air out of the car.

Repairing of air conditioner

If you want your air conditioner will work effectively and increase its lifetime, you need to service it once a year. This includes cooling fan operation, examining air conditioner components, and checking the air filter. The performance of the air conditioner will be assessed and will be restored if needed.

Conclusion If you see any problem after examining these factors, then you need to consult the mechanic. If there is any deterioration in conditioner coolant, do not try it to replace yourself because it can be toxic. It is best to let a professional take care of it. If you review all these factors, your car AC will help you to enjoy the summer.


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