Latest Trends in Car Window Tinting

Latest Trends in Car Window Tinting


For some people their cars are just like any other family member. Keeping the cars clean, fresh and shining is the utmost priority for them. Every bit of the car is cared for but most of the people neglect the fact that upgrading and enhancing the windows is essential for the car and the owner as well. 

With the growing demand for tinting, there are companies that provide tinting services to their customers. The window tints can come in many qualities and types and the price ranges may differ accordingly.

Apart from the aesthetic value, these window tints are beneficial in many ways such as providing protection from UV rays and infrared rays, protecting the interior upholstery from the damage of sun rays, diminishing the chances of shattering glass in the event of an accident and offering improved privacy and security.

Latest Trends in Car Window Tinting

As this demand grows, new technology has been introduced in the window tinting industry. Ranging from simple dyed or metalized window tints to highly specialized crystalline window films and Photovoltaic (PV) Technology. To give you an overview of what is latest in the market nowadays, we would like to provide you with exclusive insight to the trends:

Ceramic Window Tint

Known as one of the most durable window tinting, Ceramic window tints offer protection and heat reduction remaining crystal clear. It contains non-conductive and non-metallic ceramic particles making the glass shatter proof and improving its performance in comparison to others. 

Due to its non-metallic properties, this tinting does not interfere with the radio signals and other such signals from the cellular phones. This is why this type of tinting is highly in demand.

Crystalline Window Tint

A metal free crystalline structured window tinting that does not change color and is clearer than other tints but provides 99% UV protection. It absorbs less heat due to it being clear alongside being less reflective creating a safer driving experience. 

Smart Window Tint

Also known as the switchable glass and based on the electro-chromatic technology (whereby the color of the glass changes from clear to opaque due to the flow of electric current), this is the latest trending window tinting technology. 

The Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) tint is made up of micro size liquid crystal droplets that turn opaque when electricity is not passing through them. The transition from clear to opaque is instantaneous and is operated manually at the ease of the passengers in the cars. Currently the manufacturers are working on switching from clear to frosted through the application of smart phones.

Photovoltaic (PV) Window Tint

Also called thermochromics window tinting, this is a technology that converts sunlight into electricity just as solar panels. This will create opportunities for the companies to transform glass surfaces into energy creation panels. 

This might be used in high end cars as the cost is quite high for a normal sedan car or similar cars. This tint will not only generate power but also serve as a heat-resistance layer. Acting as an internal coolant, as it absorbs 90% of the heat, this tint makes the glass shatter-proof as well.

Photochromic Window Tint

Another latest trend in the automotive tinting industry is the Photochromic window technology that when exposed to sunlight, becomes darkened. It has been used for buildings and spectacles but now it has been introduced in vehicles as well. 

If you are in an area where sunlight is at peak and the heat is high as well, then this type of tinting is best for you. It keeps the sunlight at bay and cools down the inner temperature as well.

Intelligent Vehicle Window Tint

The recent update on the use of technology in the tinting industry is the Intelligent Vehicle Window tint. An upgrade to the smart glass window tint, this technology was developed by Continental, it works by the flow of current through the glass making it opaque on the outside and transparent on the inside. 

Equipped in window shields, rear windows and side windows, the intelligent tint detects the intensity of the sun rays and tint the parts where needed. Manual control of the tint can also be done through the smart phone application. 

This technology is integrated in high end vehicles due to its high price making it unfeasible for normal cars.

Final Verdict

As the technology has put on new wheels to race on for the tinting industry, not a day goes by when you won’t be wowed by the amazing transformation of a normal dyed tint to a high-class extravagant technology at every corner of this market. 

The technology may be there but the key idea to keep in mind is to get the work done by professionals so that the longevity of these products is increased and the product warranty remains intact. 


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