Making My Car Smart with A New Head Unit

Making My Car Smart with A New Head Unit


We live in a technologically advanced world where several modernized gadgets and devices keep on adding convenience to our lives. It is only fair to introduce these modernizations in different areas of our lives as it helps in reaping their benefits to the fullest.

Nowadays, people are installing new head units in their cars that offer several useful options to the users. The idea here is simple; replace the current, traditional stereo head unit with the one that has modernized features. You can easily buy such receivers from a reliable online auto store.

How Can I Make My Car Smart with A New Head Unit?

Needless to say, this small but much-needed step takes your car’s efficiency to another level. This is because each feature the new head unit has, proves beneficial for the car owner in multiple ways. There are several popular companies selling different types of modernized head units at pretty affordable prices. Hence, you will not have any difficulty in finding the one that perfectly suits your unique demands.

So, the only way to make your car smart with a new head unit is installing one that comes with different options for entertainment and other activities. Let’s learn about them;

·       Built-In Bluetooth

It is time to start listening to music on the road without facing any challenges. You no longer need to have an AUX cable to connect your smartphone to the stereo’s head unit to play music. Instead, you can pair the phone with the receiver via Bluetooth and listen to your favorite tunes in a seamless manner. You can even take calls while driving by connecting your phone to car’s Bluetooth. The car’s audio system receives and transfers voice in such cases.

Furthermore, it is a helpful feature in today’s advanced head units that allows every passenger to play the music of their choice. They can do this by connecting their phone to the receiver. It eliminates the use of any AUX cable that often gets stuck or falls short for the backseat passengers. Therefore, it also reduces any disturbances and distractions faced by the driver.

·       Reverse Camera

It is safe to say that every driver is not a pro at backing out of tight parking spots. Hence, it increases the risk of bumping into another car or even hitting someone while reversing. Installing a reverse camera whose display appears on your new head unit solves such problems.

You no longer need to ask for anyone’s assistance to while reversing your car. In addition to this, it reduces the risks of getting into any major accidents, adding to everyone’s safety altogether. For those unaware, the camera’s display activates once you put the car in reverse gear. It is indeed a valuable feature offered by nearly every modernized head unit available in the market nowadays.

·       GPS Tracking & Map

Perhaps, this is one of the most popular features offered by new head units that everyone finds useful. The entire map of the city you are in can appear on the head unit’s screen. Therefore, you can easily find any location of interest and follow the route as guided by the GPS tracker. It proves significantly helpful when you are in a new town and are not aware of the streets.

Needless to say, this saves a lot of your precious time while boosting the fuel efficiency of your car. The tracking company whose services you choose to avail can find your car’s exact location if it is stolen. Hence, it also adds to the safety of your prized vehicle.

·       Android Auto

Here’s another exciting feature in advanced head units that comes in handy by enabling you to connect your Android phone to the stereo. It allows you to easily access all your favorite smartphone applications through the receiver, such as phone calls, messages, Facebook, YouTube, and more.

In other words, your entire phone’s user interface appears on the display of the head unit. You can guess the extent of benefits and convenience it adds to your life on the road.

·       Apple CarPlay

There are two popular smartphone operating systems; IOS and Android. Apple CarPlay enables you to connect your iPhone to the stereo’s head unit. This ultimately gives you access to all the applications in your iPhone, making them easy to use while driving. You can play music, send and view texts, get directions from Apply maps, play audiobooks, and more.

Think about it; you can see the entire display of your iPhone on the stereo’s receiver. You no longer need to keep picking your phone up each time it rings because of a message or call. Furthermore, you can play your playlist through the head unit without having to use your phone. It reduces distractions and adds safety to your car.

The Bottom Line

Making a car smart is all about enhancing your driving experience as much as possible. There are many different types of head units that offer the features discussed here. However, it is advisable to consult a car audio expert before finalizing any decisions to spend your saving wisely and profitably.


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