Pioneer VS Kenwood VS JBL. Which One of The Branded Stereos Should You Choose for Your Car?

Pioneer VS Kenwood VS JBL. Which One of The Branded Stereos Should You Choose for Your Car?

An individual who is not satisfied with the factory-installed sound system of their vehicle is bound to get a replacement. Upon inquiry, you will find that there are various branded car stereos available in the market at equally varying prices.

Hence, buying one within a restricted budget should not be an issue. However, it is true that some vehicular sound systems by a few renowned manufacturers are indeed very expensive. In order to incorporate efficiency in your stereo shopping, you need to learn about the products sold under different brand names.

Three popular companies that are cherished within the international aftermarket car stereo sector include Kenwood, JBL, and Pioneer. There are others too, but they are not as significant nowadays as these three. It is time to begin a detailed discussion about each brand’s sound systems to help you arrive at a favorable conclusion.

Everything You Need to Know About Branded Sound Systems

1.  Kenwood Car Stereo

When it comes to holding a discussion about branded car stereos, leaving Kenwood out of the list is a crime. The company has quite a reputation among the prestigious buyers and prospective buyers worldwide for producing increasingly versatile sound systems for vehicles.

Experts suggest that looking for replacements as you consider installing Kenwood items and counterparts should start with getting a new head unit. This means purchasing a high-quality Kenwood receiver with numerous features and connectivity options that allow you to enjoy your favorite songs on the road.

Kenwood’s In-Dash Media Receiver is undoubtedly an impressive unit with characteristics like Bluetooth connectivity, detachable panel, Radio, and a USB port. This one is available at reasonable rates while being highly durable. However, if you wish to invest in a futuristic receiver then prefer getting Kenwood’s touchscreen, Wireless Android Auto & Wireless Apple Carplay. It has a 10.1-inch screen, connects to audio-playing devices using Bluetooth, has a CD/DVD player, and makes the entire experience for the user increasingly convenient.

The second step is choosing Kenwood speakers, an amplifier, and a subwoofer. What makes Kenwood amp an interesting choice is that it effectively powers the subwoofer and the rest of the stereo without producing any distortion.

2.  JBL Car Stereo 

Installing JBL subwoofers and amplifiers for efficient power handling proves valuable when setting up your car’s new aftermarket sound system. It is a creditable company known across the globe for producing premium quality loudspeakers.

Apart from giving your stereo the boost it requires; it will also enhance the low-frequency signals with accuracy and precision. According to the experts, JBL 8-inch GTO804 Grand Touring Series subwoofers are both affordable and provide promising results. The sub box is a vital part of installing a subwoofer.

If you decide to purchase the JBL GT5-2402BR speakers, multiple JBL subwoofer enclosures are provided with them to ensure the sound output feels complete. JBL sells speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers in a wide variety of sizes, features, and configurations. Therefore, you should not have trouble finding the parts that perform exceptionally with your branded car stereo.

3.  Pioneer Car Stereo

Here’s another company that makes top-notch sound systems for vehicles with equally incredible designs, attributes, and quality. Apart from selling receivers, Pioneer also makes CD and DVD changers that can store a total of 12 discs at once. Doesn’t that sound convenient?

They have head units largely influenced by the technological advancements with features like touchscreen display, built-in Bluetooth, radio, and ports to connect items like USB and an AUX cable.

Not only could a person play music on a Pioneer stereo receiver, but they can also utilize GPS navigation to punctually arrive at their destination. Some popular head units by Pioneer include MVH-PH8200Bt, AVH-P4200DVD, and much more. The types of speakers sold by this brand are classified as D series, G series, and A series. The D series happens to be the least expensive, but an excellent one.

The company is known for making GM series amplifiers with several power channels to enable the connection of numerous additional devices. If you wish to add subwoofers, consider getting either champion series or champion series pro as they are quite easy to install and give high-definition audio output.

Arriving at A Conclusion

What are your thoughts after learning the information mentioned above? It is quite clear that all three brands are extraordinary and unique. For instance, JBL is valued for supplying superior speakers and subwoofers, while Kenwood is familiar as it makes modernized receivers.

Choosing branded car stereos means figuring out what’s required while listening to music in your car. Select a company that meets your budget and provides a whole package that comes with various devices needed to build a strong car stereo. The decision is entirely up to you, but don’t forget to take an expert’s advice for optimal outcomes in both the short and long run.


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