You could be a student living in a different city/town, or you might travel a lot because your work needs it, but we all have to go home to celebrate Christmas with our loved ones. There is something different and joyful when travelling on roads at the time of Christmas. 

The snowy roads, the decorations you see on the way, and other delightful views make it worthwhile to drive long distances to meet family and friends. However, a journey can only be incredible if your car is fully operational, performing well, and ready to face the road. 

How well your car should function, depends on the distance, you need to cover. While it is fun to drive, it can also be hard as almost everyone who lives far from home is out on the road to get somewhere. 

There are traffic jams, and the weather could get bad, forcing you to take a pit stop. What can you do to overcome any difficulties? The first thing you need to do is take your car to the mechanic and get it checked to see all the lights, the engine, the brakes, and the rest of the car is working correctly. 

The first important thing is to get your car to the auto shop for maintenance. Here’s what you need to get checked and fixed, if necessary; 

  • Checking Fluids: Before going out on a long journey, consider the weather and make sure to check that all the required fluids, for instance, the brake and steering oil, in your car are filled. If there is a bit of water in the brake oil, then it will freeze under cold weather causing the brakes not to work correctly. Check if the water you need to wash your windshield is up to mark as you are going to need it. 
  • Cleaned lights: If you are not able to see where you are going, then there are chances of getting into accidents. Hence, to avoid this unpleasant experience on holidays, make sure to clean the headlights as well as the taillights. 

Moreover, cleaning the windows is very important, especially if you expect to take the highway. The views from the other vehicles can blur your vision and increase the chances of running into something. 

  • Tires: It is recommended that you check your tires twice in a week during winters as they tend to lose air pressure under cold weather. Check for any unusual marks and treads that may hurt your tires and cause them to burst while driving. 

Driving on icy roads can be a real challenge, so you need your tires to help you travel smoothly. In addition to this, keep a spare wheel in the trunk along with a tire replacement kit, and it will help you if you purchase a puncture repair kit for the road. One would also suggest replacing all four wheels before going on a long journey home if it does not put a burden on your budget. 

  • Prepare for breakdowns: Another situation faced by families and individuals while driving on holidays is that their cars seem to breakdown more than before. Do you want to be stuck on the roadside while others enjoy the festivities? 

If a breakdown happens, get out of the car from the other side of the road to avoid the passing traffic while turning the hazard lights on. Keep two phones if you are driving alone and a charger that works to make necessary calls. Keep a map as phones to guide the emergency services to your location.

Purchase warm clothes before setting out on a journey to help stay hot in cold weather on the roadside. Wait for the emergency services to come to help you without panicking. It is advisable to get breakdown insurance as it will help you to get out of such a situation. 

  • Clean your Car: Do you wish to show up on your family’s front door with a dirty car? Perhaps not. Hence, invest in a sponge and soap to clean all end of your vehicle properly to give it a shiny look. 

Clean the rims and the carpets while spraying a bit of light perfume to make your ride smell better. It is Christmas time when everyone and everything is supposed to look beautiful, therefore, make your car presentable as well. 

These are a few tips that you must take into account before going out on a journey to celebrate with your friends and families during the time of Christmas. Car maintenance is the essential thing that should be followed as travelling long distances can already be hectic, and facing breakdowns would not help your situation. 

The next thing to consider is what you are going to pack as driving long distances with a lightweight car is very helpful. People tend to pack a lot of unnecessary things, making their car heavier than it needs to be. Packing gifts for your loved ones is understandable, but packing bags full of items that can be bought from anywhere is pointless. 


This is a rule that has helped millions of people enjoying their journey home. Pack the essential items like a road map, a tire replacement kit, a tool kit as it can come in hand in various challenging situations, and a pair of jump leads. 

The last one will help you jump start your battery by borrowing some power from another car if your battery fails. Moreover, getting a seatbelt cutter, a torch, a spare battery, and a first aid kit can help you get out of an unpleasant situation in no time. 

You can get stuck in a traffic jam or be travelling on a long journey so getting a load of snacks and some water will not only keep your hunger suppressed, but it will also help you pass the time. Get a bottle to hold some coffee for the road to help you stay awake along with a pair of wet wipes to keep you fresh. 

Do not fill your car with luggage unnecessarily and make sure to distribute all the weight evenly in your car. If you are travelling with family and have underage children then pack food for them as well as other necessary items in the case, they get sick due to the cold weather. Getting a wiper to scrape the ice of the windshield will keep you and your family safe by giving you a clear view of the road. 


Driving long distances on holidays can be a bit boring without proper entertainment options, especially if you are travelling alone. A student or a worker who is driving alone toward his/her home can download all their favourite tunes and listen to it while jamming happily during the journey. 

One can also download podcasts, including motivational speeches and some stand-up comedy to keep the mood light and joyful. Taking a pit stop at cafes and bars while meeting new people can also help you reap the benefits of driving by a private car. Who knows you might meet someone who is also going the same way and need to hitch a ride? 

If you are travelling with family and friends, then it is an entirely different affair. One needs to consider everyone’s likes and dislikes in terms of music and snacks to keep everyone satisfied. Take turns on who connects their phone to the car’s Bluetooth so that everyone’s music choices are appreciated. 

Come up with different games that you can play verbally so the driver can also take part in. If you are travelling with friends and family, then you can also do carpool karaoke to stay fresh and enjoy the ride. If more people can drive in the car, then it can be beneficial as you will be able to take turns on driving. Everyone wants to enjoy driving on highways in cold weather, especially during times like Christmas. 


It is crucial to take all the guidelines mentioned in this article into consideration before setting out on a journey to home at the time of Christmas. Not only you need to prepare for entertainment on the road, but one also needs to take the weather conditions into account. Checking weather reports and predictions of snowfalls can help you decide the leaving date. It is recommended that you leave early if the news reports claim that heavy snowfalls are going to follow the cold weather.  

Driving with a relaxed and clear mind can help you diffuse stressful situations like a grownup. Sometimes the situation is not as bad as we perceive it, but panicking makes it worse and even more stressful. Accept the fact that the ride can get bumpy and you might face traffic jams, so you are prepared for the worst. Listen to soft tunes to help relieve stress and eat your favorite snacks to enjoy Christmas time as you drive. 


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