Protect Your Car From Motor Theft with an Automotive Alarm Security System

Protect Your Car From Motor Theft with an Automotive Alarm Security System

How To Prevent Motor Theft? 

Do you fear that one day you will park your vehicle somewhere and someone would steal it? It goes without saying that motor theft has become quite common in every area nowadays. Research suggests that nearly 721,885 cars were stolen in the United States of America last year. People who have private garages can park their cars without worrying about anything, but what about those who do not have such luxury and cannot afford it either? If you wish to prevent motor theft effectively, visit the nearest auto parts shop to purchase a technologically advanced security alarm system.

Such systems come in handy in case a thief tries to steal your car overnight or from the office’s parking garage. Needless to say, this is a modernized approach toward keeping your beloved ride safe from any sort of theft. You can indeed rely on the security personnel to protect your car but installing an automotive alarm security system is the ultimate decision that proves beneficial in the short and long run. 

A Detailed Discussion Regarding Automotive Alarm Security Systems 

You must have a lot of questions roaming your brain about the car security systems. In layman terms, this is a device with sensors connected to a siren that goes off in case someone tries to enter the car forcefully. You can find such alarms installed inside the driver’s door along with a switch. On the other hand, a more modernized automotive alarm consists of various components that include sensors, receivers, and more. Let’s talk about these parts in detail; 

  • Sensors: These come with pressure sensors and motion detectors. 
  • Radio Receiver: This allows wireless control of the door locks with the help of a remote-control device. 
  • Auxiliary Battery: This keeps the alarm system operational even if you disconnect the vehicle’s main battery. 
  • Siren: This creates a loud, distinctive noise to warn the owner about forced entry in their car. 
  • Computer Control Unit: This is the heart of the entire automotive security system that manages the alarm accordingly. 

Did you already know about these components? The auxiliary battery works as a backup power source that keeps the alarm functional. This proves helpful at a time when an intruder tries to break in your car by disconnecting the cables to the main battery. You can easily find numerous kinds of car security systems in your local auto parts shop or at an online store. What’s important to note here is that these alarms vary on the basis of the type of sensors as well as the computer installed. 

What Are The Different Types Of Sensors Installed In Automotive Alarm Security Systems? 

Upon inquiry, you will find that the car alarm systems sold in markets nowadays have varying sensors. Here’s a list of various sensors you will find along with a brief description of each; 

  • Shock Sensors: These sensors trigger the alarm upon sensing an impact on the vehicle. For instance, if somebody hits or move your car, the sensor sends a signal to the system’s control unit which sounds the siren. 
  • Door Sensors: These are the most fundamental kind of sensors that triggers the alarm if someone opens the car doors, trunk, or hood. While these sensors prove effective, they do not keep your vehicle as safe as others since anyone can enter by breaking the window. 
  • Pressure Sensors: These sensors work by measuring the pressure inside the vehicle. There a few alarm systems that use the car’s audio unit as pressure sensors while others have separate devices primarily installed to detect the fluctuations accordingly. These prove significantly helpful in preventing motor theft. 
  • Motion & Tilt Sensors: It is vital to understand that some thieves want to steal certain parts of your car like the infotainment system or the battery instead of the entire vehicle. These sensors trigger the alarm in case some opens the hood or tries to steal your vehicle by towing. There are also perimeter scanners that keep monitoring the surroundings of your car to ensure its safety. 

It is safe to say that all these sensors are somewhat similar with a few exceptions. It is important to note that the control unit of such modernized alarm systems have become impressively competent. The computer is capable of reacting differently on the basis of the information it receives from the sensors. 

Final Words 

Do you understand the usefulness and efficiency of automotive alarm security systems in preventing motor theft in today’s world? The type of system you go on to install in your vehicle depends on your budget, availability of the product, and the threat of theft. A study proves that the car theft business is worth up to $8.2 billion in the United States of America. It is advisable to conduct thorough research before making a purchase of an automotive alarm security system to reap its benefits to the fullest. 


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