Remote Start Installs – Why are they Necessary?

Remote Start Installs – Why are they Necessary?


Remote starters for the car are undoubtedly the best invention of the 21st century for many reasons. They make the driving experience easier and more comfortable. Imagine you need to get inside a car parked outside in the freezing winter. No one would like to do so. Remote car starters allow you to start your car remotely. All you will need is a remote fob or an application on your smartphone.

If you are in Katy, you can contact our team at Katy Kar Audio to install any system in your car. We are here to ensure you that your money spends on the right thing in the right way. Now let’s discuss the remote starters and why they are necessary?

Remote Car Starters

This wireless device works with radio signals to perform various remote functions like starting the car engine. There are different kinds of remote car starters on the market, and their ranges vary. For most remote starters, the range is between 500ft to 1000ft. However, there are some other devices too with more range.

Apart from the starting ignition, you can also use it to lock or unlock the doors, control the temperature inside the car, or open the trunk. You can find information about operating this system on the packaging.

How Does A Remote Car Starter Work?

The remote car start system consists of two parts.

  • A control module that installed in your car
  • A remote transmitter that controls the control module by just pressing a button

Image: VIPER Remote Starter

When you press the button on the remote transmitter, it transmits the radio waves to the control module. It can then start your car remotely. You can warm up the engine, turn on the heater during winter, or turn on the AC during summer. It will help you to save yourself from extreme weather conditions.

Why Are the After-Market Remote Starters Better Than the Factory Remote Starters?

Nowadays, many cars come with factory remote starters. However, their features and range are limited to a shorter extent. Many starters allow you to start your car from just 30 feet. It is not according to your requirement. Your needs are far more than that.

On the other hand, the after-market remote starters offer you better features and broader ranges. There are some other upgrades too for the after-market remote car starters. You can also add an advanced security system with sensors to inform you if someone tries to intrude or steal your car.

Why Is the Installation of a Remote Starter Necessary?

Here are some reasons you should install a remote car starter in your car. Please have a look at them to make a solid decision.

1.    Drive comfortably

In winters, the car’s interior temperature is unbearable if it is parked outside for a long time. You may have to wait for much time to heat the car. Here, you can use the remote car starter. Just press the button a few minutes before leaving your house or office, and it will heat up to make your ride comfortable.

The cold temperature can make the running of a car engine harder, and the oil becomes viscous too. Starting your car remotely will give you time to get to a better operating temperature. Oil’s viscosity decreases, and it returns to its normal flow. However, there can also be some negative impacts of it.

2.    Security and safety of the owner

Using a remote car starter replaces using a key, which has decreased the risks of theft. It has increased the safety and security of the driver. Moreover, in colder regions, you may have observed too much snow buildup on the windscreen and other parts of your car in the morning.

You may face some deadly accidents if the snow from the car top slides to the windscreen while driving. So, it is necessary to scrape or defrost this snow entirely before getting on the road. It increases the visibility of the driver on the road. To save time, you can use the remote starter to start your car and defrost snow before coming out of your house.

3.    Increasing the reselling value of your car

Many people go for these modifications to increase the value of their cars. You do not need to spend much money on these little modifications, but their worth is far more. A remote car starter is not expensive but a significant add-on in cold regions.

All these modifications collectively give a massive boost to the resale value of your car. All you need is to think wisely to find a compatible system for your car. Not all the systems can fit in every car, and you need to be careful about it.


Above are the main reasons to install a remote car starter in your vehicle. Here, the biggest mistake many people make is to overlook the importance of hiring a professional installer. A small mistake while installing any system in your car can damage other systems, and you may need to spend more money to fix it. At Katy Kar Audio, we aim not only to help you buy the best system but to install it professionally.


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